Two Superboys?

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I remember a while back reading somewhere that the Superboy in the Teen Titans and the Superboy in the solo series are two different people, does any one else know more about this?

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@spiderbat87: Do you mean like superboy and superboy prime?Or like superboy(Kon-El)and there being stories about Superboy(Kal-EL)Because if it's a story about superman when he was younger or in a flash back he's superboy.
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He was just wearing a different outfit and sporting a different hair cut....same guy

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You might've read my theory in another Superboy thread where I said I thought there might be two Superboys.
Since he's in a solo ongoing, and in Teen Titans, and Lobdell said that Superboy was the villain for the Teen Titans' first year.
I thought, maybe the solo one's evil?

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Superboy is a clone, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that in the reboot there are two clones.

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