The New 52 - How i would explain his human DNA with out lex

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Ok sois some what how i would do and how i hope they do it. So nowere have supermans dna intent of makeing there clone but after numerous failed attems cause krytonian dna is vastly differnt they decide to make a hybrid of krytonian and human but after yet again numerius failed atempast with pure human dna they decide to create human dna from from scratch with no definitive human chararicistics (what i mean is like nuthing with lex dna or any thing just the base stuff that makes a human) to blend it to the krytonian dna and after that well you know u get superboy.

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@Kal'smahboi said:

LOL. My thoughts exactly

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Lobdell confirmed Superboy's half Lex.

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@Jorgevy said:

@Kal'smahboi said:

LOL. My thoughts exactly

HAHAHA, that's what I was thinking...

@YoggSaron: Has he? Good. I would hate it if Superboy's human was anyone BUT Lex's.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: Yes, I think it was in one of his Q and A's he did with Comic Vine.

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@YoggSaron said:

Lobdell confirmed Superboy's half Lex.

He shouldn't have spilled the beans so quickly.

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well, there's something wrong here, from what I read N52 Superboy has multiple human donors..... Lex is most certainly one, but I think there was more than 1...... I might have misread but I'll try to find the scan

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@Jorgevy: maybe it was meant that any one of the multiple doners could be his human half, maybe 5 or 6 people donated DNA and when they were building him they picked one at random or so they think, if Lex is involved he probably had a plan to make sure they chose his DNA

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I just checked N52 Superboy #1-4 and you are right, there's only one human part and one kryptonian part. When they said donors they meant as in the possible people that the one human part and one kryptonian part could be from. So yeah, he is half Supes half Lex

Still, I think its kind of a buzzkill to tell this early in an interview

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So he now has no Kryptonian powers now? Will he develop some? I'm really not liking this whole telekinetic thing. He's kind of like Hellion now. How strong is he, he couldn't be 50 ton range now..... Somebody fill me in.

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