The change from boy to man

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Okay, so its been pointed out that Kon is a senior in high school and he is eighteen so this got me thinking after high school will he still call himself Superboy and if he does it could only work for maybe another year or two in comic time. Now with this on your minds I direct your attention to is (for lack of better word) costume, don't get me wrong it is awesome and if I woke up tomorrow with the powers of Superman I'd probably wear the same thing but it is after all only a t-shirt in a world of capes, cowls and spandex.

 All he does is take of his shirt and glasses. No change of hair style or posture.
Other heroes have also commented on his lack of a "real" costume.

So the points i'm trying to convey here should he change his name when he becomes twenty and if so what are the possibilitys that also relate him to Superman and show that he is next in line for that title, and when he eventually takes the mantle should he change the suit to something more his stlye that sets him apart, but that you can count on him to be there.
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i dont think hes going to ever take the mantle and hes cutome looks okay i like it better thsn the others like in the ninetys aahhhh that custome was horrble
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@GT-Man said:
" i dont think hes going to ever take the mantle "
unfortunately I know your right because DC don't age their characters and try to keep them active as long as possible, I mean I can understand Superman cause he is like immortal but at some point in his future he leaves earth before the 30th century and goes into space maybe because he feels his job is done and goes to other planets to help and inspire them as well, but characters like batman have been around since may of 1939 and they say he is maybe in his early thireties and when he comes back its a safe bet they'll say he ages slower or he came out of the whole thing a good few years younger then when he started just so they can keep him around longer.
Consider the possibility that Kon will take over the mantle if something happened to Kal, like Dick taking over from Bruce while he's been "dead".
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Maybe he'll create an identity all his own?  Dick taking over as Batman is a recent and clearly temporary thing, but other than him Wally is the only titan who took his mentor's place.  Wonder Girl became Donna Troy (true, she did the WW thing for 52).  Speedy became Arsenal and Red Arrow.  Aqualad became Tempest.

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I think that would be the best as well. Conner will have to step somewhat outside Superman's shadow at some point.
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Um Hyperman?

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@Primmaster64:  Hyperman is already a real character sort of another world version of superman like Batman of planet X was a varied version of Batman.
But if the retconed him out of the DCU I could see it working for a while.
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i cant see him stepping away from the super names bc of his love for his kryptonian heritage. He would have to be going on a soul searching travel to find out who he really is and what he really wants to figure out that he wants to change his name and stand as a person from metropolis instead of a Kryptonian. I think he should just stay in that costume and come up with another name close to it, his generation seems more about being heroes than having seceret identities so maybe he wont give up his Conner persona but just wont have a job, and live out of his fortress of paradise in the future with Cass.

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