"tactile"telekinesis is not limited,but limitless.

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as in everything is connected,just like lex luthor said in all star superman.he saw the entire elecromagnetic spectrum and all the subatomic particles,which is why he made the statement,and why "tactile" is a limited as it was supposedly,when everything is connected,all part of the same world,made of the same things,his power is really limitless.

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isn't tactile telekinesis a term invented by the comic world to explain how heavy lifters can lift giant objects without them falling apart.

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byrne came up with the idea for superman to have a field around his body that he used to keep things from falling apart when he lifted them,thats where the idea for SBs TTK came from,but the new SBs TTK takes it to a whole other level,levels we longtime kon fans only dreamed of back in the days.

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