superboy#17 SPOILERS

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so kon is holding himself together like Cable holds back the technovirus.

kon tells kara that earth is gonna go to shit if h'els plan works

the oracle says if SB lives through the day he will help shape more planets than just earth

h'el took the suit right off of kon and put it on superman

SB on the brink of death still heads right for the oracle

kon was heroic,smart,and showed heart,im happy with his characterization here.

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The end of the issue gave me old feeling of when SB saved metropolis from the rocket during Reign of Superman. Too bad this time there will be no one to mourn tears of grief over his heroic sacrifice.

I will miss the Kryptonian Armor on Kon, it looked so good on him. I wish they would give him a new costume.

I really liked how Kon is showing his inner hero, even though he didn't even know he wanted to be one. With each new issue, I am liking Kara less and less. It's getting to the point where I honestly won't mind if she is killed off.

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Yea Kon was heroic in this issue. Also it wasn't the oracle that Kon talked to it was the hearalrd

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yeajh i knew i got that wrong after i wrote it abdout thw herald/oracle.

kon looked so vulnerable here,but more and more heroic and good.

it was a impressive feat to be coming apart on a molecular level,and desperatley trying to keep himself together with his TTK,and on top of that taking a beating from kara,he is a tough kid.

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@HouseOfRao said:

I will miss the Kryptonian Armor on Kon, it looked so good on him. I wish they would give him a new costume.

Just a theory. *Superman 16 spoilers below*

But in Superman #16, during H'els flashback to Krypton, when Jor-El is giving him his send off; he is handed a "Crest of El" This looks remarkably like Kryptonian Armor in it's dormant form...maybe Kon-El get's it at the end of H'el on Earth and wears it from then on, as a trophy/survival aid?

...It may even explain the El-shaped-scar you occasionally see on H'els chest (maybe the armor rejected him!?)

all pure speculation, but something I'd like to see :)

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