superboy#15,talk here

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what did yoy think of the issue? howabout 3rd dna donor,kryptonian armor and its effect on kons powers,how kal and kon were together in the issue,anything else?

#2 Posted by colonyofcells (2039 posts) - - Show Bio

For the 3 dna donors, my guesses are : Superman, Lex Luthor and Adam Blake Captain Comet.

#3 Posted by stephens2177 (1217 posts) - - Show Bio

captain comet is good for the TK abilites,i would say martians are good for the TK powers and consciousness thrpughout their bodies,course i hear daemonites,but idk why. 
i think it might be someone from the future,the lil hints about kon having ties to the future,and it would actually be cool,but idk who in the future would work with what we know of SB,that cant be explained by lex and kal.

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captain comet sounds good. Anyways im super excited about conner having to meet clark finally.

awesome story

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