Superboy's new origin

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So I don't read Superboy, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but right now I don't really have the money to buy any more new books. So, do any of you guys know what happened in the Superboy #19 issue. The fold out cover revealed that he's the offspring (albeit spliced clone) of Superman and Lois Lane. Any of you guys care to spoil?

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What happened was Harvest stole a "thought dead" future son of Lois and Clark,raised him evil until he started to unravel genetically (again),so he takes Jon kent,that's the sons name to five years ago to get the original DNA so he can create a "lab rat" clone to test his cure long story short,kon is that lab rat,he is a clone of Jon,but Harvest used Lois and Clark's DNA also spliced together with Jon's

,to strengthen his genetic bonds,which worked,so kon is a clone of Jon from a future timeline that won't happen now,and present day Lois and Clark,each being a third of his DNA.

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Why was Lex Luthor helping them?

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Holly crap that's a lot of parents

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Lois went to him for help,cause he is a super genius,and she wanted to cure Jon

Actually he has no parents,just DNA donors......way less than Damage had.

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I think a cool spin would be if lex impregnated lois with supermans just like all star superman, so lois and clark are still jon's parents, but lex was his creator.

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Im gonna miss the Whole Superboy having two "daddies" thing...

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@superend: lmao.lex as a SUPER daddy was cool,but I like the big ol family of Lois and Clark,Jon,and kon now

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Thanks guys, really cleared things up for me.

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Yeah he is supposed to be a clone of Jon,but with added Lois and Clark to stabilize his unstable hybrid DNA.

Course that's what Harvest said,that's his story,BUT it could all be BS very easily.

And we found out the legion and legion lost team was from earth two from the last issue of legion of super heroes,so it's possible kon is a clone of a earth two Jon,and has added earth prime DNA from the main earths Lois and Clark.which would make this some crazy shit,it would make kon work in either earth IMO.det Lure has been watching her stuff vanish in front of her,and she has wondered what kon was up to,I hope that's a hint of this somehow,it would make superboy even more unique,and important.

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I'm a bit confused, so I'm just going to write out what I'm getting clearly, and someone can tell me if I'm wrong.

Jon Kent = Superman and Lois Lane's son from the future. Harvest steals him. Jon starts to "unravel genetically." Everyone thinks he's dead, but Harvest has taken him to 5 years in the past.

Kon (Superboy) = a clone of Jon, created to test possible cures for Jon. One way to stabilize him was by using current Lois and Clark's DNA.

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@mitran: EXACTLY.

And Jon is from the future,and Harvest took him back to five years in the current timelines past,to add Lois and Clark's DNA to his to help stabilize him.

Now all that extra stuff about earth two is just fan hopes based on one statement in the last issue of legion of superheroes.

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@stephens2177: Right, from the future. I'm editing for clarification.

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Yeah it's a lil complicated,and yeah I like his original origin the best(human created approximation of superman),but if this is it then lets go huge and crazy with then,why stop at a lil time travel and multiple donors,lets cross realities and be a being torn between to earths. Just crazy comic fun.

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