Superboy Questions ?

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Ok this is about the second Superboy Kon-El/Conner Kent. 1) What is his first name ? I know he is called Ether Conner or Kon-El now. But what was his name before that ? I heard it was ether Progect Kr, Experiment 13 or just Superboy ?

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during his days with Young Justice he went by just Superboy and Kid...until Superman gave him the Kon-el name....after the death of Donna Troy, Young Justice broke up and Superman sent Superboy to live with Ma and Pa Kent where he was given the name Conner Kent

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@danhimself: So your saying his name was Superboy before the Connor and Kon-El thing ?

#4 Posted by danhimself (21320 posts) - - Show Bio

@Kid_Omega_Prime: yup...and the other members of Young Justice called him Kid

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Yes, he was just called "Superboy" at first in both the New 52 comic and the Young Justice cartoon. In Young Justice he was given the name Conner by Miss Martian because she liked it and the last name Kent by Martian Manhunter for obvious reasons. In the new 52 comic he was called Kon-El by Supergirl after she discovered that he was a Kryptonian clone, but this version still hasn't taken a civilian name like "Conner." He allowed his casual friends call him "Cutie" in the last issue of Superboy.

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