Superboy ongoing pre-Flashpoint

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Do you think Simon Valentine, Lori Luther or Psionic Lad will ever be used again in the new Dc? I kind of liked them, would be a shame if they were forgotten.

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Possibly..I don't see them fitting in with superboy at this current moment in time thought. The Lori character might not Enron exist anymore . We are still unsure where superboys human DNA comes from.

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@Kallarkz: Its been stated in Interviews by the writer that it is still Lex Luther but their might be a 3rd donor or more who are not human.

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@Alch21: Yes let's just continue to rape Kon's character even more. Next thing we known he's gonna be cutting and wearing girl pants, skater shoes and wearing hair over one eye....

#5 Posted by Alch21 (220 posts) - - Show Bio

@AtraCruor: lolz hopefully it wont be that bad. I'm liking the series right now. He seems like he has abit more Lex in him by the way he talks to other characters and as a Lex fan I think thats pretty cool.

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I personally can't stand it. The great thing about Superboy was the fact he was his own character, not like Lex or Supes, until about Teen Titans timeframe when he got whiny, Tana Moon was forgotten and his relationship with Cassie AKA the most forced thing sine Lois and Clark

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