Superboy loses BOTH his artist and writer

#1 Posted by stephens2177 (1204 posts) - - Show Bio

RB silva on Instagram said he would miss working on superboy

Bleeding cool is saying Justin Jordan is leaving the book over editorial BS.

Holy shit my favorite character is losing his creative team,and is barely in the 20,000 sales charts,I'm so pissed.

#2 Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse (6517 posts) - - Show Bio

@stephens2177: Who knows? Maybe they'll give him a better writer and artist that will make it sell more due to the enhanced quality. You can't tell until you read it.

#3 Posted by theTimeStreamer (2845 posts) - - Show Bio

be thankful they dont just cancel the book. it's horrible. how it survived this long is beyond me.

#4 Posted by Wolverine08 (48124 posts) - - Show Bio

DC's editorial problems are killing the New 52.

#5 Posted by stephens2177 (1204 posts) - - Show Bio

Robson rocha did 13 pages in this last issue,and Marcus to did 7 pages,both did a great job,either would be great as the full time artist in the book.

Also robson rocha is in the solicits for issue 25,so things are looking up IMO.

Now we just need a competent writer who will stay with the book long term.

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