Superboy Kon-El!

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Hey, I'm kind of new to comics, but I'm reading the flash and some other materials, and i wanted to ask is Superboy an interesting character? and is he like Superman or what? because i see a lot of people mentioning him here and there, and saying how awesome he is.. So is he powerful? and does he have a nice character? and is his comics fun to read? is he worth getting into?

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@ownsin: Yes
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lol anymore info guys?

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@ownsin: Whatcha wanna know?
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@Primmaster64 said:
" @ownsin: Whatcha wanna know? "
for example answer the questions i asked xD?
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@ownsin: He's not exacly Superman, he is a clone of Superman who surfaces in the 90's
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can you actually answer all my questions in one bit :P? if you can't its okay.

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@ownsin said:
"can you actually answer all my questions in one bit :P? if you can't its okay. "

Read his character page it will tell everything you want to know
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@ownsin: Sjuperboy currently is a pretty powerful hero in his own right, when he originally was introduced he only had the power of tactile telekenisis. But now he has all of the power's of a regular kryptonian with his tactile telekenisis is there too, granted his power levels aren't up to superman's but every future incarnation has shown he'll be completely equal to superman in his kryptonian powers, with the teleknisis which will let him do more. He's a clone of superman, lex luthor with some other Dna mixed in, but DC doesn't refrence that part:). His character is a good read he's living in smallville since his return, dealing with the fact that he's part luthor part kent. He's very enjoyable to read as well, his run in adventure comics was great, he was in Blackest night:Superman which was one of my favorite tie  ins because of the dynamic between him and clark, and his new solo series is pretty great as well. Any more questions let me know I've read basically all of his appearances.
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Hes awsome, hes like superman power wise with telekenisis and he is kinda trying to be like clark (a good guy), he is a good character to read and hes powerful, he is def a character to get into and read his solo, maybee teen titans depending on how they fix it

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ye and in his solo series hes been hinted with having proper telekinesis developing as he did with the wheat when fighting parasite, im only up to issue 2 on this volume but who are the wierd guys who copied his dna

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