Superboy is the Son of Lois and Clark

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So recently read the newest Superboy and I've really disliked Superboy so far but its getting kinda interesting.So I am going to talk about what I like and dislike. What I like is the fact that Superboy is a clone of Superman and Lois's son Jon Lane Kent. The three DNA's H'el was talking about was Superman, Lois Lane, and Jon Lane Kent. So instead of Superboy being Half Superman Half Lex Luthor is the Son of Lois Lane and Superman which I find actually very interesting. What I do not like is Harvest being apart of it hes got a great story but I think its very weird how they introduced it in Superman 19. I think Jon Kent Superman's Son is going to play a major role in the coming comics. He could possibly be the Superboy Prime of this new Multiverse or could the Kon-El we know now the Superboy Prime.

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I do not want Jon Lane Kent. It's terrible idea.

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Jon lane kent is the worst possible choice for superboy,most hate the idea,harvest,and the new origin,I think Lobdell is justing jerking ppl around,and so far he is doing a great job of it

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I sound like i am the only one that liked the New 52 Superboy. I likedthe old one as well but i was willing to follow the new one. This Jon Lane Kent is crap and i hate it. I want him to die already

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Superboy as a combo of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor was an inspired choice and one of Johns' greatest contributions to the DC mythos. This is silly nonsense I hope is retconned.

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@degraaf: hey I liked him to,I thought his TTK sense was awesome,but wanted his entire powerset to be by touch like the original Kon's was.having Jon take Kon's place is a slap in the face,the only way to redeem this idea is to keep Jon evil,and have kon comeback as the hero he is supposed to be.

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@fodigg: I like the inclusion of lex into Kon's origin,but I would rather it be that kon ismt a hybrid,but instead a superman created by lex that was mutated,OR like the original kon,a human super clone created to mimic and take supermans place,but instead of Westfield make it lex Luthor being his creator and genetic donor.

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I think the original version is best. A "son" of both the hero & his main villain. Having Con be tempted by both sides. Etc etc. This is the exact problem I have with the New52. Have the balls to actually reinvent the character, such as removing Lois & maybe even the Daily Planet entirely from Superman's story. Not have the most major & significant change to a major character be that Zeus is now WW's father. Wup-dee-do.

So Kon is now the clone of a son from the future? Just dumb. There is no reason to link the two characters.

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Superboy being half Kent and half Luthor was the best.

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I liked 90's Superboy the best

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@daredevil21134: the 90's superboy was the best all around superboy,but I like the updates also,just wish they all meshed better.

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@daredevil21134: the 90's superboy was the best all around superboy,but I like the updates also,just wish they all meshed better.

Me tpp

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I like all the versions of Kon/Conner,I just don't like how each one has a different origin and a different powerset.




Young justice


Cadmus is where he was created

By lex

Mutated TTK for solar powers

Attitude,but wanting to be a hero

Lex/Clark clone

Start off with Kesel touch level TTK and Lobdell touch TK senses on a kryptonian gravity powerful body (YJ tv show).then allow him to expand his TTK outward slowly.

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what would happen if they used clark and karas DNA to make a clone would it be a girl clone or a boy clone.

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Wait I don't follow the series what's the difference between kon and Jon

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Wait I don't follow the series what's the difference between kon and Jon

Jon is the son of Lois and Superman and Kon is a clone of Jon who has 2 strands of DNA from Lois and Superman to correct the genetic instability that Jon has.


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