Superboy and Superman new 52

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So what do you think thier relashionship will be like in the new 52. Super man is younger than he was pre 52 so he might be a big brother to the newly born superboy.

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Now that sounds interesting. .

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@crimeking23: thank you :)

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@Z3RO180: will probably be a while until we see them interact. Gotta establish super boy on his own/with the titans before saddling him as 'superman's little buddy'. Don't get me wrong I'm with you but i think if it's rushed it'll ruin it. same goes for his powers and relationship with Cassie, as much as i'd like him to have his Kryptonian powers and girlfriend back i think they should establish him as a new guy first (at least for a while)
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@DorianOtten: same here but as for his powers i would like it if he stayed with his TK if you have read superboy 8 it says his body is heals faster becausse of his kyrptoinan DNA so i am ead to the asumption he has a kryto healing facter.Plus his TK in the new 52 is just badass.

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It makes sense. They probably only have like 7 years difference (maturity anyway.) I think that Superman will be a bit slower to accept Superboy, though I'm hoping Jurgens is going to make Clark a little more level-headed and mature than Perez did. Oddly, I liked him better in Justice League #8 than I did in any of Perez's issues.

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I think the current comics are actually much closer to the Young Justice animations in term of Superboy's personality.

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