Superboy And Red Robin Teaming Up?

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It was hard on Tim Drake when he lost his best friend, Conner.  With the recent return of Superboy, a team-up is inevitable, right?  That's right.  DC has revealed the cover to Adventure Comics #3.  The image pretty much speaks for itself.  You have to love he Francis Manapul art.

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that is cool. so is Conner taking over action comics? i thought the Leagion of Super Heroes was?

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Legion is a co-feature.
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Adventure Comics is going to be half Superboy with a second story featuring the Legion.

I love the looks on their faces.  Can't wait for this book to start!!!

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from what i hear its going to be both superboy and legion of super heroes
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heh I didn't even Know Connor was back. Thats cool, Looks like a some bad guy is screwed for sure

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I always hated Conner I will read for the Legion.

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This is so tight! i plan on getting Connor's run on Adventure Comics

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Did anyone else get a silly bowl cut back in third grade because of superboy, CAUSE I SURE DID and I rocked the hell out of it
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Yes! Conner/Tim action is always awesome!

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Nice, finally something positive happens to Tim.

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Hells to the Yeah!

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Im all over this

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Connor is that fu#king deal
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@King Saturn:  yes conner is back bro
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I'm not up to date with DC but isn't he dead?

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Couldn't he at least stayed in his awesome Robin uniform and just wear the cowl and cape on it?!

I really don't see anything cool about the Red Robin costume It looks like from the 80s when people had bad taste..

But Oh well.. I guess he is just pissed at Dick, I hope when Batsy comes back he gets his Robin suit back

Coolest Robin suit EVER

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Man, if Bart was running alongside them, I'd die of happiness. Those were without a doubt my favorite Titans EVER!

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i think bart is to young to be in that picture he still looks like he is 12

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Tim really is needing for a friend at the moment. Good for him.

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I'm so looking forward to this!

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I love that picture. I am anxious to see what Connor thinks of Tim's new attitude.

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Young Justice is coming back!
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That is magically delicous

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@PrimeDirective said:
" Man, if Bart was running alongside them, I'd die of happiness. Those were without a doubt my favorite Titans EVER! "
I'm in all sorts of agreement with you on that man, I loved that Teen Titans line-up. I gotta say though I feel like they really underplayed the return of Bart and Conner because of the death of Batman and the Return of Barry most people don't even know they are back.
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I don't get why Tim is still so whiny. His best friend is back, his ex is back, and he believes that Bruce is still alive. Other than his father what else does he have to bitch about.

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Can't wait for Adventure Comics

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That is actually some bad ass art, don't know if its going to make me run out and collect another title, but if I didn't collect so many it probably would :)

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Aweseome.... this would make that TimCas kiss all the more awkward.

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@DEGRAAF said:
"i think bart is to young to be in that picture he still looks like he is 12 "
A decade or so ago, they were all 14.

Now Bart is 14, Connor is 18 and Tim is 25.
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that seems about right. i was gonna guess that tim was only about 20 but yea that all makes sense
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sweet cover!!

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i kinda hope batman(bruce) doesnt come back, or if he does it is not batman.  Not that he isnt one of the awesomest characters of all time but it would be nice to see some sort of actual moving forward, i think the only real comic series that passes the torch is Flash, and captain marvel is trying, but it would be nice. 

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Hear is the age of all the my people in My perfect Teen Titans Team
Bart is 16
Tim is 18 or 17
Cassie is 18
Conner is 18 or 17
Virgil is 16
Ms. Martian is 18
Aquagirl is 17
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Here is the age fo all the people in my perfect Teen Titans Team.
Dick is 18
Kory is 18
Vic is 18
Raven is 18
Donna is 18
Wally is 18
Gar is 16
Tara is 16

Never were the Titans better than that.

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@Kane.: he will never be robin again because bruce's son is robin and tim's red robin is different

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