Superboy a Titans Villian

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During the SDCC Superman Panel Scott Lobdell the who will be writing the new Superboy series revealed that the first year of Teen Titans will feature Superboy as the main villain.  
Lobdell also went on to say, "In the story, Connor has been kidnapped...and he's being reverse engineered by this group called N.O.W.H.E.R.E." who screw things up thanks to his tactile telekenisis. He has described the book as "pretty much the character you've always known" but physically taken apart. "Rather than retell his origin, we took it from another level of explaining his powers." A red-headed, glasses wearing love interest will work her way into the series as the Boy of Steel tries to put himself back together.

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Huh....well it could be worse most people thought he was a cycborg when the teaser image first showed up
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it kind of sounds like we'll be getting another Match

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sounds kind of cool.

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so ultimately he wll be the conner we all no and he will eventually get his kryto powers.

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