suberboy and wondergirl

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so what im woundering is will conner and cassies romance be cept in the revamp or not.Personaly i would like dc to ceep them as a couple cause it would be cool for conner to have a kid that has all supes powers and powers of a god to.

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they broke up a few months ago

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@danhimself: interesting.........can a moderator plz lock this then.
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@danhimself said:
they broke up a few months ago
uhh they're still playing with coming back I believe. The the whole Solstice storyline has a pause on it at the moment.
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Superboy and Wonder Girl are the wish fulfillment for all of us who what to see Superman and Wonder Woman together. And I like to think that Superman and Wonder Woman look at those kids as extensions of themselves of what could have been. They may be broken up now, but those two will always find their way back to each other.

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@Deprive: God I hope not.  One of the only relationships more forced to continue is Clark and Lois

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