SB "might" be lois lane's son with superman

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Superboy 19 comes out wednesday,and the WTF gatefold cover has this stated on it.

What do you all think?

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I think this is ridiculous! I was ok with hearing he has 3 DNA combining to make him but to make the 3rd Lois is dumb IMO. How does this help or move anything forward. Is this going to be what brings Clark and Lois together? or what brings Superman to telling Lois his secret? There is no reason for this change except for may to explain why he needs answers so much (which at this point he had quickly just accepted he is a weapon rather then investigating more.


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This could be a ruse,just to get ppl talking,then buying the book,but if its true,and really gonna happen,i would be ok with it.i like luthor being part if kon,makes him have a dark side that keeps him from being the pure boybscout superman is.i do think having kon be the "child" of lois and clark sets him up in a totally new way in the superman universe,one much stronger than kal and lexs clone ever could.

If its true kon could have been created by Harvest as a way to get close to superman,close enough to catch him with his guard down and to eliminate him,or he might actually be clark and lois's child from the future stolen by Harvest,brought back to the present,brainwashed,and controlled to do Harvests bidding.i want to know if this is true,and how it could be possible,but i want to know how lex is involved,i would hate for him not to be involved somehow.

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Superboy is a clone of Superman's and Lois' son whom Harvest adopted and actually seems to love (after his parents thought he died).

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#19 was ok and tried to fill in the plot holes that this new concept created but it doesnt explain how in #1 superboy was so smart(he cld have got that from superman and not lex as we thought back then),but wat about that whole thing about him bein apathetic towards that woman who was screaming for help and stuff,that suggested he was part lex,or because this is lobdell this could be another tim drake fiasco,i find this new concept good but bein a half supes half lex clone imo is a better one....dont let us down wit this change Lobdell!!!anyway, eager to see where it goes..

P.S- really want that third dna strand to be Lex's,

@stephens2177: yup,really want Lex to be involved!

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suck it, supes/ww shippers

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Is dna donors might have nothing to do with how smart or apathetic he is,those traits could have been downloaded right into his brain,in superboy#0 it shows that kon had thoughts of superman being his enemy placed in his head,same could be for the smarts and apathetic stuff.

Lobdell explained a lot more than geoff did back when he rebooted him,i was really impressee with how thorough lobdell was in this issue.

In superman#16 lobdell wrote that kon had kryptonian and human dna and that they merged into a unique third dna strand,which might mean there is no third donor,it could be just what we saw in issue 19 here.

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