Pictures of Prodicus, Superboy's new foe

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I've heard about Superboy's new nemesis in the forums, a former member of the Vega System's Citadel named Prodicus of Sector 3. Needless to say, my interest has been peaked and I'd like to ask if anyone has any pictures of Superboy's new enemy so i can see for myself how brutal he really is, plus I'm interested in knowing what a modern day Citadelian looks like in contrast to how they were portrayed in older issues (I've heard he looks ALOT like King Shark's original self prior to the New 52).

P.S. I'd also like to ask just how powerful he is compared to a Kryptonian like Superboy, I mean, is he a serious physical threat capable of beating and killing the Boy of Steel, match him blow for blow, or is he just a minor nuisance of a villain?

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