My ideal version of Superboy

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Superboy should be pbysically like john carter, and have his classic TTK, but at SUPER levels, plus his new tactile sensory absorption (TSA),which are both focus and touch limited, if you consider those limitations, and no kryptonite weakness. He should wear a all black YJ show cloning tube suit with fingerless gloves, or titans of tomorrow adult kon suit, with no cape, and no sleeves, add fingerless gloves, and occasional jacket. His power should look like thisKon-el and conner kent are his "given" names. Super smart, wise ass, good heart, always wanting to do whats right, even if he has normal knee jerk teenage reactions. Hybrid clone created with "who cares ;-) " dna, but always be half superman, and half human, and the two strands merge to create a third strand, which that and being created under a yellow sun makes his powers different. Cadmus, run by lex creates him to do evil, but tim, bart, and cassie (the rest if the YJ4) rescue him while he is a teenager. Lives with titans, but has adventures by himself all over the world, space, time, and different dimensions. Every bit as powerful as a kryptonian, and looked at by them as a abomimation, cause of his hybrid genetics and powers. Dont take shit from no one. Dont mess with the S

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My ideal version was the pre-Flashpoint Superboy....I don't know how anyone could like the New 52 version over the old version

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I prefer Superboy be a relative of Superman like maybe Superboy is the son of Don-El or Kru-El.

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I prefer him to be a clone,created by humans to recreate superman,but instead they get a superBOY,and with tactile telekinesis instead of kryptonian powers.

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I actually liked the 'Superboy is a clone with DNA of both Superman and Lex Luthor.' Really adds to that already messed up relationship and allowed Superboy to angst about what side of his DNA he will follow.

Though a Superboy from the future of an alternate reality who is the son of Superman and Wonder Woman would be pretty interesting too.

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This was a subliminal implant Harvest put into superboy, so its not real, did you read the 0 issue? And "superman" level beings can kick the crap out of other beings on their level, Batman does it everyday.

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