Is this his new costume?

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Superboy by Jim Lee
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The Tron phase is still lingering eh?
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I prefer the t-shirt and jeans.

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Not a fan at all, like the TShirt Jeans look a lot better
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my guess is this is the costume he has right after he escapes from whatever organization created him

#7 Posted by Primmaster64 (21663 posts) - - Show Bio

maybe he should have worn that white costume he had at the beginning of YJ.

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@Primmaster64 said:
maybe he should have worn that white costume he had at the beginning of YJ.
I wouldn't mind seeing him in that. I also think it would be cool to seehim n that costume, but with black instead of white.
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This costume sucks.

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wow nice. people its ust what he wears whie at project n.o.w.h.e.r.e    he's not going to be wearing it for long
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I like it.

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i don't like it, luckily it's just a temporary costume.

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i like it i think its better than his teen titens look.

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I think it's only temporary.
I've got a theory or two on the new Superboy comic,  tell me if any of you agree with it.
I think this comic follows when Superboy was first created, and how he escapes. Or, this one, which I believe more, is that I think this is a second clone, making the Superboy in this comic different from the one in Teen Titans. Plus Lobdell said the villain for the first year of Teen Titans is Superboy.
Any thoughts?

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@The_Tree: Nah, it's the same one that will eventually join the TT. I think that either "Superboy" will take place in the recent past and have nothing to do with the TT or it will be at the same time as "Teen Titans." Either way, they'll eventually free him or he'll grow a conscience and join the team.
Long story short, I agree with your first theory =)
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@Kal'smahboi: There's been so much discussion and hype on the new 52, that I just wish it would come out already! I'm ready to read me some Teen Titans and Superboy!
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ewww i hope not:/

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@Gambit1024 said:
:/  I prefer the t-shirt and jeans.
same here!
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I kinda dig it. He doesn't look as chunky as he did before.
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so this is his "villain" costume?

#21 Posted by ReVamp (23014 posts) - - Show Bio
@fodigg said:

                    so this is his "villain" costume?



What we're assuming. No one knows for sure.
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go back to t-shirt and jeans superboy/ wait he was a villan.

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he already is in a tshirt and jeans in the teen titans book,but if you have been keepijg up on the NYCC superman yesterday you would see superboy will be getting supermans current kryptonian armor suit for some reason,and its very durable,so when he wears it he wont have to worry about getting attacked while not focussed.

#24 Posted by Wboy (457 posts) - - Show Bio

Not too much of a fan of the tanktop though :p

#25 Posted by Video_Martian (5650 posts) - - Show Bio

T-Shirt & Jeans please...

#26 Posted by Agent9149 (3026 posts) - - Show Bio

He looks like a go go boy at a techno club

#27 Posted by cameron83 (7818 posts) - - Show Bio

I HATED the t shirt and jeans...besides,pretty soon he will have to don supermans suit

#28 Posted by stephens2177 (1205 posts) - - Show Bio

i would LOVE it if the kryptonian suit changed colors to kons black and red,that would look badass.

#29 Posted by Teerack (9236 posts) - - Show Bio

It is some times. Other times he just wears a black wife beater and jeans.

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i wish i could lost pics on here,but i cant with my phone,but if i could i would post pics of kons SUPER looks so far in the nudcu,he has his tron suit,which was meant to track him and contain his powers,the suit also fixes itself,then you got the plain clothes amagalam look he has in teen titans,he has jacket,glasses,gloves from first suit,and jeans and t shirt from the "johns" look,nkw we know he will have the kryptonian ceremonial armor that superma  wears now,which will be great for fast changes and added protection,because kryptonian clothing is very durable. 
when SB isnt being SUPER he dresses much different than he did pre flashpoint,he now wears very trendy,urban,posh clothing,kina what i figure lex luthor would wear as a teen also.

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Superboy's tron like costume is awesome. I don't like just t-shirt and jeans. I especially don't like the tattoo.

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Bring back this. Does anyone remember how cool Superboy was when he first showed up and he was care free and dating full grown women like Knockout?

Then he started wearing a T-shirt and jeans and started dating Wonder Girl and got his origin retconned to be half Luthor. He got all broody and angsty and lame. BRING BACK THE REAL METROPOLIS KID!!!

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costume sucks, i liked the classic black t-shirt with red s and the jeans that was the best costume.

#34 Posted by stephens2177 (1205 posts) - - Show Bio

i actually have liked every look he has had through the years,just like his powers,ive liked them all.

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Superboy needs his own costume design, not supermans new suit hand me downs. I don't like how it looks on him, plus no cape looks dumb on that costume. His costume doesn't need one any how.

#36 Posted by stephens2177 (1205 posts) - - Show Bio

what kon needs is to not be regulated to superman jr on any level,he needs his own powerset,own look,own origin,own attitude and pwrsonality,own purpose.

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