Is Superboy still in Adventure comics?

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I have never read the series but as of late i haven't heard of him doing anything in the series, is he away from the series like supes is away from action comics?

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@IamV: Well in a way Superboy is part of adventure comics, just not connor. Adventure comics is currently where Superboy  and the leggion of superheroes  are, its thhe clark kent superboy however. 
Also, Connor Kent graduaated to his own title just titles superboy.
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@IamV:  the first 6 or 7 issues deal with Kon after his return and going back to a life in Smallville, then it dealt with a young Clark and his team-ups with a young Legion, after that their were three issues that tied in with the main Legion series, now it's dealing with Legion acadamy and hopefully this will last it's pretty intresting to see some of the cadets training and their powers

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