Is Superboy becoming more Super?

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So this is (according to dc apparently not the final) cover to Superboy #5. The solicit only describes his morality not his powers but i wanted to kno in this amazing cover by Shane davis.what is that being emitted from his eyes? telekinetic force? or heat vision? cant tell whether those guys armor is being ripped off or melted off cuz if its the latter then i guess our boys growing up n im so phyched about that,but seriously dont wanna get my hopes up,wat do u guys think?

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could be either one,depends on if they are still gonna make him a solar battery,or go the total TK route and make it a blunt TK blast or psi-vision.

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imo though his powers now are like the old series TTK taken to another level completley.first i think his basic mimicking powers are about the same,but on top of that he has full TK which is insanely powerful,but thats not all he has a optical blast of either heat or TK energy,but the coolest and most impressive part of his new powerset is his TTK senses,they can read anything he touches,and he can touch everything by using his TK energy.i think his senses can work like supermans sense work,but also take it to another level,like reading what he cant possibly see with crystal clear accuracy,and imo someday it will be clear his senses let him "read" minds as wwell as everything else around him.

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thats hv

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This new series has made it official: Tactile TK is my favorite superpower.

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just finished reading #3 and he seems pretty...weak tbh.

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@Kallarkz said:

just finished reading #3 and he seems pretty...weak tbh.

Same, he must be aware of his attacker in order to be protected by his powers. Maybe once he gets a grip on his TK he will be far more impressive. I like the title ok but if Red and Rose weren't around I probably would have dropped it to save money.

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that is exactly how most TK users are with their power,not to mention many characters have to think to use their power that dont have TK.

what makes him better is the way his TK works with his consciousness,it gives him a sensory ability,which when he uses it with his super intelligence makes him able to scan everything around him,and all at the same time,and even read what it is so he learns what it is,this TTK sense makes him far better than just any other TK user,and it also imo makes him better than a telepath,cause it works on everything around him,not just minds,even though it works kinda like telepathy[scan,empathy,sense,reading,reaching out],and imo can read brain waves,just as well as other forms of energy.

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i think this deserves a good "DAYUM"

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