Is Kon actually dead?

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#51 Posted by daredevil21134 (11361 posts) - - Show Bio

@daredevil21134: did you read the original superboy series started by Kesel and grummett?

Yes.I loved it.Didn't really dig Ron Marz too much though

#52 Posted by stephens2177 (1030 posts) - - Show Bio

@daredevil21134: I wish they would bring a closer superboy that was like this one than others myself.i miss him trash mouthing the bad guys while he kicks their butts.

#53 Posted by daredevil21134 (11361 posts) - - Show Bio

@stephens2177: Yeah that's one thing I didn't like about John's take on him.He became kind of emo after he found out about the whole Luthor DNA thing and lost a lot of his cool swagger and attitude that 90's Superboy had

#54 Posted by stephens2177 (1030 posts) - - Show Bio

Exactly,and that was a big part of his appeal.

#55 Posted by AssassinB (4 posts) - - Show Bio

If they bring Damian back to life, you can bet they will bring Kon-El too :3.

Dumb questions :Why everybody seems to hate Jon Kent? Am I the only one that is willing to give him a chance to develop as character?? Remember what everyone said about Jason and Damian? End of questions, now waiting for the hate wave... XD

#56 Posted by stephens2177 (1030 posts) - - Show Bio

@assassinb: this is a mass murdering psycho,not just a a it hero who is willing to kill the bad guy though,he is beyond redemption.

I dont "hate" the character as much as hate that Kon's origin is determined completely now on Jon and harvest.

Also i think the fact that Jon took over the book,with no sign of kon anywhere,they threw out kon like trash and brought in a character that has convulted Kon's origin tom"annoit" him the superboy.

If they had kon in the book,but imprisoned somewhere or stuck somewhere,trying to get back somehow it might not be so bad.

#57 Edited by AssassinB (4 posts) - - Show Bio

@stephens2177: He kill metas because he thinks they are evil :3 He is supposed to have promised to help humans get rid of the meta dictators in the future. He hasn't even yet showed all his motives. People just got angry he got over the series without even given him a chance as character. I liked issue 29 of Marv Wolfman, it was interesting, to bad he isn't writting Jon anymore. Jon's blame at bad characterization goes all to Lobdell though.

And don't worry for Kon-El comic characters always come back, unless they are uncle Ben. Besides Damian seems to be returning this year :3

#58 Posted by stephens2177 (1030 posts) - - Show Bio

@assassinb: Jon enjoys killing,that's enough,but taking Kon's place makes it even worse.

#59 Edited by AssassinB (4 posts) - - Show Bio

@stephens2177: That's because he comes from a reality where everyone hates the new 52 reboot, and all the possible inter-dimensional Dan Didios in the multiverse, he has come to free us all form this stupid reboot and joke of a characters that barely resemble the heros we all know from the last 75 years, specially his deadbeat dad Superman (his mom is furious he quitted his job and became an irresponsible father just to woo with other superpowered colleagues :D). Let's prey that Jon succeeds in killing all the New 52 heros, and get back the real ones!!! :3

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