How strong is Superboy?

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I heard he has the potential to be even stronger than Superman is that true?  I also heard he took out Prime by himself.
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Every recent future incarnation of Conner has shown itself to have advantages Clark will never get thanks to his Tactile Telekinesis evolving into full telekinesis and is hinted at as being psychically stronger than Clark. Although the latter was only really shown when ToT Conner was initially beating Kara with ease in a brief go around they had Other than that though its just heavily hinted and believed his superior to supes especially since the future Captain Marvel (freddy) is literally no match for him in a psychical fight. As for Prime I think it comes from the LO3Ws issues. All three legions were attacking Prime and he was for the most part completely unaffected by their attacks just being his normal cry baby self. Prime was batting away everyone even the Ultraboys who in at least two of the legions are supposed to be equal to Superman in strength but when Conner came he was the only one able to actually go and stay toe to toe against him matching him blow for blow.  He didn't take Prime out but he did injury him and was able to match him for the fight regardless of Prime being at full power and in direct sunlight.

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That was PIS

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hey has anyone seen superboy usin superbreath?? not freeze breath ,superbreath  as in blowin away stuff???

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@UltimateSMfan:  No not yet
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I heard he can press a 100 tons
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Yes he can and will be stronger than Superman because with tactile telekenisis you can lift things like an entire building without it collapsing under it's own weight. Now combine the strength that you get from that with kryptonian strength you go beyond super strong and get ultra strong!!!

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They usually show him to be weaker than Superman. He could go toe to toe with Superman, but he wouldn't hold out for too long. I don't know about what power he has the potential to obtain, but as it stands, he is generally weaker than Superman.

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@Primmaster64 said:
" That was PIS "
I hate it when people call that fight wasn't like a different writer came in and changed things around....Geoff Johns wrote all three of Superboy and Superboy Prime's the first fight Conner was jumped, second fight he was still recovering from the first fight, in the third fight he was at the top of his game and wasn't holding back.....would he have beaten Prime?  No. But he held his own without PIS
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Superboy is not near Superman's Strength currently which is why his fight with prime was called PIS, because a WEAKER (then superman) SuperBOY was hurting Prime when in most accounts he is shown raping groups of hero's that include superman. not to mention that it took 2 SuperMEN to beat prime in Infinite Crisis. one major flaw in Superboy is his weaker solar absorption ability, i think that is a huge factor on how superboy might eventually be as strong and as fast as superman but will still never be able to go full toe to toe with superman. his human DNA has to create some type of Flaw in the Kryptoian DNA he has. because he is "half human" i feel like superboy should never be able to "fully" reach levels stronger then superman.
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perfect example is Dick as batman, even though Dick has the suit and the ability he will NEVER be as good as Bruce is. same is said with superboy, Coner has the ability in spades, but he has his flaws also that make him slightly "weaker" then superman is every way.
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@Jodin20723: That's what I mean. Prime  beat Superman, Powergirl and Supergirl in Siniestro Corps War. He beat Andromeda, Valor and Superman in Legion Of 3 worlds. Don't get me wrong I like Superboy, but it just doesn't make sense.
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exactly i agree, i mean i feel like Legion of 3 worlds wanted to bring back superboy in a Dynamic way, so what better then superboy drilling a punch in prime's grill. lol but other then that superboy should of had his ass kicked by prime. characters can lose in Heroic fassion, superboy did it before and i think should of did it again in LO3W, have superboy never quit no matter how bad a beating prime gives him then he gets rescued by Superman and the 2 of them go to town on prime along with the Legion and kid flash. thats how i would of wrote the end of that book. lol
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@Jodin20723: How can Superboy beat what's basically a Pre-Crisis Kryptonion, but not beat a modern one. Superman himself stated that he can't beat Prime. That would have been a nice ending.
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i know right Prime is punching through dimensions, and moving planets to starts inter-planetary wars (Rann/Thangar) and yet Superboy can go toe to toe with him. lol i call bull Sh!t lol
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@Jodin20723: And even if it was true...Kon should be stronger than Supes.
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They got the loop hole of Primes psychosis effecting him I suppose. 
He is scared by Flashes and Superboy hence he loses yet he walks around pimp slapping stronger people than them because he isn't scared of them.

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@AMS: lol
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um bro superman lift over 100 trillion tons no lie

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superboy caught karas fist wbile she was speedblitzing him,which shows his strength and speed on a kryotonian level.

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