How I would do it (Superboy)

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Tired of Superman's interference Lex Luthor would begin to want a Superman who would work for him instead of against him so he would decide to clone the man of steel. His first attempt to clone Superman would become known as Bizarro and it is because of that failed attempt that he decides to combine the Kryptonian DNA he has with his own to try to stabilize the process. The end result of Luthor's Project Superman would be Superboy (who would be about eighteen and who Superman would later name Kon-El). Superboy would have all of his standard powers but because Lex wanted to make him superior to Superman he also has the ability to send energy blast through his hands (like the Eradicator). Superboy would work for Lex for a while and make Luthor Corps. image look good by saving people until he learns the truth about Lex and then he sides with Superman. Superman would eventually learn to trust Superboy and would take him to his parents farm to be raised by them and he would give him the secret identity Conner Kent.

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sounds like a good idea

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thats great cept the last part wouldn't work cuz the damn DC guys went n killed of the kents :(

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Why would Superboy need to be raised if he is already 18ish at creation?

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