How did Superboy get Krypto?

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So Krypto is Superman's dog. Superboy and Supes teamed up against He-L but they weren't really close or anything. So how did Superboy end up with Superman's pet in Superboy #21?

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It's probably going to be told in a flashback,we already got a flash forward last issue on the first couple pages,so I'm betting Justin will feel those hours in with how krypto is there with kon,and the rest.

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Yeah, I was kind of confused when I saw that scene too. But then I remembered that there was a significant time gap between Superman #17 and Superboy #18, so Kon and Krypto could have met and befriended each other during that gap. I hope that we get a flashback to what happened during that time gap soon.

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Don't know, but it's a welcome stay and it honestly did bring me into Superboy.

If they ever damage Krypto, I'm done. It's about time Krypto got some more spotlight!

Krypto Fan Club, UNITE.

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