Could Superboy be superman secondus

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I was thinking about it and in a couple different story lines superman secondus is a clone of superman and even the name makes sense as kon is/was a superman 2.0 by the end of teen titans kon had full kryptonian powers which is surprising because he has actually not Ben alive all that long at all, and let's not forget about kons infamous ttk which becomes psychokinesis when becomes older in other story lines, and with every picture of superman secondus he looks young and anyone who knows kon knows he has trouble with aging, finally it would make since because kon is half human which would allow for him to have children with human women.

The only problem with this is in dc one million when a descendent of Lex Luthor says that the Luthor blood line in a time period after that but maybe they do not count kon because he is not a pure blood or maybe they just did not know ?

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