Clash of the Comics #39 - Superboy and Bizarro

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After a bit of a break we are back with more Clash of the Comics.  Here we have a clone of Superman versus a clone of Superman.  Wait a minute ... ?   
In a departure from regular I will let Bizarro make the judgments for me:




Although Superman and Superboy-Prime were Superboy before him, Conner Kent, Kryptonian name Kon-El who emerged after them has become the defining version of Superboy. Genetically engineered by Project Cadmus, Superboy shares half his DNA with Superman and half with Lex Luthor. A bit rebellious upon his first debut, Superboy took Superman to be his mentor and is one of his closest allies.

Usually portrayed as a failed or imperfect clone of Superman.

MrUnknown: Superboy – While the failed portrayal of Bizarro is a fun aspect to explore, it is pretty thin overall and gets boring pretty fast.

Bizarro:  Bizarro agree!  Bizarro story are best!  Bizarro hate Superboy more in category.  Bizarro hate more accurate science! 

Superboy has all the powers that Superman has. You know, Super strength which is always a dominant power trait, along with super hearing, speed, invulnerability, freeze breath… He also has recessive telekinesis power traits which he does not make use of often.

Essentially the same as Superman but reversed in some cases (for instance can only see through lead)

MrUnknown: Superman beats him pretty easy most days, so Superboy should be able to too? The trick is to distract him, it makes the fight much more easier.

Bizarro:  Why Bizarro have to be friend with Superboy!  Bizarro win everytime against Superboy.   


The simplest of all costumes that have ever existed which is a black half sleeves T-shirt with the S-logo and jeans.

Again similar to Superman but with a backwards S. The zombie/frankenstein look is pivotal to the character as well.

MrUnknown: Don’t see anyone trying to look like Bizarro, but Superboy is a piece of cake for cosplay.

Bizarro:  Bizarro think he win every time in cosplay!  Bizarro hate Supergirl cosplay more than Superboy!  Supergirl is ugly, she lose everytime


Superboy models himself after his mentor. He generally saves people, has a civilian identity and even tried to learn from Superman’s early Smallville life. He also works well in teams and looks out for the best interest of his teammates.

Not a supervillain per se, rather just a being with a messed up sense of what constitutes right and wrong. He has been shown to exhibit some great heroic actions from time to time.

MrUnknown:  I’ll give this one to Bizarro for being a misunderstood character, unpredictable and whatnot. 
Bizarro:  Bizarro is not like Frankenstein Monster or Lenny!  Bizarro not more interesting!


Superboy exists as a younger form of Superman as he even shares most of his personality. He has been mistaken to be Superman a few times most notably by the Legion of Super Heroes. Despite, growing in Superman’s shadow, Superboy has become one of the most recognized and popular “teen” superhero.

The "everything reversed" concept is a pretty fun one, though of course there are even limitations on how far this can go.

MrUnknown: Superboy has advanced superbly as a character while Bizarro is still pretty much at square 1.

Bizarro: You mean circle 1?  Bizarro never been at circle 1, left at start and never returned  

Best Story:

Superboy’s efforts in Adventure Comics to better assess himself by constructing a list about whether his actions more closely resembled Superman or Lex Luthor. He also tried to find whether there was any good in Lex Luthor.

I think the one where he sacrificed himself to give Lucy Lane back her eyesight is one which shows a depth to the character, and displays that he really wants to do good, just he can't really comprehend how.

MrUnknown: Superboy’s story really grinded the character’s status quo from then forth and was a pretty fun ride.

Bizarro:  Bizarro hate romance in stories!  If Superboy want to lose to Bizarro should use non-romantic story where he beat Superboy Prime and then lived in Wonder Girl's arms (Wonder Girl also ugly)   

Fun Fact:

Superboy saved the day when Klarion the Witch Boy used a spell that made all the adults young due to the spell having no effect on him.

Jerry Seinfeld, a Superman fan, was involved in an episode on his tv show where Elaine discovers a Bizarro group of friends, who act opposite to Jerry, George and Kramer.

MrUnknown: Bizarro group of friends sounds like a fun experiment!

Bizarro:  Bizarro hate Seinfeld!  Bizarro never watch show in first runs!  

Media Appearance:

Superboy has a lead role in the fairly recent Young Justice animated series.

Been in Superman animated, JLU and Smalville.

MrUnknown: Tie – Both characters have had good portrayals in animation.

Bizarro:    Bizarro have worse appearance in Justice League Unlimited, Bizarro hates this appearance more.  


Currently being re-envisioned in his own series. 
Relatively common Superman villain if one with limited application because of his characteristics. Not so long ago was featured in Rann-Thanagar Holy War.

MrUnknown: Superboy – No knowledge of where Bizarro is at this point. 
Bizarro:  Bizarro right in front of you!  Better worry, Bizarro is your worst enemy.  Bizarro not choose Superboy.   

The count:

Mr Unknown:  6-2 
Bizarro: 4-6 
Total: 10-8
Bizarro win!  Even with Bizarro frontward logic me still champion!  Bizarro happy to have Superboy lose more category!  Bizarro go back to Bizarro World to celebrate in shame!  Am you Bizarro's mommy?   
(I can decipher that - Superboy wins)
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Awwh haha, nice touch with the Bizarro speech.

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My favorite version of Bizarro is the one in Red Son, then again I just like Red Son a lot. He is also good in All-Star Superman. Those just happen to be my favorite Superman stories. Bizarro is best Bizarro.

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Nice secret reference by the way as well. Was/is my fav after Cookie Monster.  
@Daveyo520 said:

My favorite version of Bizarro is the one in Red Son, then again I just like Red Son a lot. He is also good in All-Star Superman. Those just happen to be my favorite Superman stories. Bizarro is best Bizarro.

Oh, yeah, those are great versions of Bizarro, in those two story arcs. Nice!
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@SC: Indeed. It was nice to see Bizarro as a weird symbol of America and as a weapon that everyone hated. (As a side note I need to get that version of batman toy)

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Haha! The count and the Bizarro dialogue are very amusing additions!

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