Adventure Comics #3 REVIEWED, Conner & Tim Together

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As I was reviewing this, I started asking myself, who is the bigger draw here, Geoff Johns or Francis Manapul?  There's also the fact that it's Superboy, Red Robin AND Krypto here.

I just have to say this was truly a beautiful comic.  When you look at the images and see Francis Manapul's amazing art and colors, it's easy to get distracted or sucked into them.  If you actually read the story, read the interaction between Conner and Tim, you'll see that Geoff Johns also does a 'beautiful' job.  He takes two characters that were best friends and really writes them well.  
I mentioned when I reviewed the first issue that I'm not the biggest fan of the Legion of Superheroes.  I don't have anything against them, I just never really got into them.  Maybe I just never really gave them a chance.  I did enjoy the 'second feature' here though.  It looks like something big could be coming up with them.
What would have made this perfect (for me) was a full issue of Superboy, Krypto, etc with Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul.  We know their days are numbered on this book so we just have to enjoy this while we can.
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I checked out Manapul's blog the other day and boy do I love his art style. IMO he's the perfect artist for Adventure Comics.

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oh no super bitch is coming back run hide do something

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I'm really upset with DC pulling Johns and Manapul off of Adventure Comics so soon...I mean there hasn't been any action what so ever in these 3 issues but I haved loved every single issue so far 
I also wish that the Legion wasn't in this and it was just a Superboy book

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Does anyone else notice a resemblance?

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LOVE this series! i'm pretty bummed that the creative team's time on the book is so limited. and there better be a new Superboy in Smallville series coming soon.
great issue!

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This was great!Loved this ish

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QQboy Prime, maybe they will develope him into a more interesting character. That or kill him off for good.    
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Hopefully there will be more Red Robin & Superboy team ups after this, like Superman\Batman.

#9 Posted by danhimself (21281 posts) - - Show Bio
@NightFang:  I've wanted a Superboy/Red Robin series for a while
#10 Posted by goldenkey (3033 posts) - - Show Bio

#11 Posted by danhimself (21281 posts) - - Show Bio
@NightFang:  I've wanted a Superboy/Red Robin series for a while
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@goldenkey said:
He usually writes 5 books per month
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" it's easy to get distracting" 

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Digging the relationship between Superboy and Red Robin.

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Really like the new opening graphic for the review. The scrolling comics reminded me slightly of the MARVEL logo they add to the beginning of their movies.
Does it sound silly that I really like that drawing of Kyrpto barking? They way he drew the mouth was spot on. As a dog owner you should know that when dogs give small barks they don't open their mouths the whole way. The art looks really good in this, but something about that dialog feels off. Do you really think Conner is the guy of young man who would say, "touche"?

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Legion coming to the past? Very interesting, I can't wait till Paul Levitz comes on the book. I haven't bought this book because I don't want just a few pages of the Legion.

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Thanks G-Man! You've got me interested in this title now - I think I will check it out!
I must ask... where are you doing your reviews lately? It looks like you're in a basement somewhere?

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@afierce: It's my secret lair...
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supes??... i dunno?...some kind of friend... Bruce always got his back.. but what did he do?.. he let the "MORTAL" dude handle a god... i mean DARKSEID!........

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I really enjoyed this issue...more than I should have if that makes any since.Seeing these 2 friends back together was fun and I really wish we could have the Teen Titans back, or Young Justice but either way these characters really do make for an exciting story for me.Even though it doesn't have much action just the 2 of them talking in Luthor's abandoned lab was so enthralling.I think I have a major bromance going on over here.a bromance guy-angle?

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@johnny spam: Legion have been in the past for a while. The reveal of another legion is the past was the shocker!
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i loved that tender moment they both had they really are such good friends i gotta say

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@burr787 said:
" Does anyone else notice a resemblance?

hahaha I do now. Who do you think would win in a fight? No Banki

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