Adventure Comics #1 Reviewed

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There seems to be a lot of excitement over Superboy's return.  With Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul, Conner should be in safe hands.  

What did you think of this comic?  Are you excited that Conner is back?  Do you like Krypto?  Is Conner going to be able to have a peaceful life?  Do you think Superboy was about to...abuse his powers when he saved that girl?  How awesome is this art?
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I liked it. I picked it up because of the art and because of Geoff Johns. I've never any superboy before crisis on 3 worlds so I decided to check this out and I really enjoyed it. I'll probably keep collecting this book for a while. I liked the twist at the end. Seems like a pretty cool idea.

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God I hate Conner and wish they never brought him back he died becuase in Infinite Crisis Dick Grayson was meant to die  but it was altered because DC thought he was to valubale so Conner kicked the bucket I can't wait till the Legion co-feature is collected I'd read Adventure Comics just for the Legion not Conner but 3.99 for only a couple of pages is what stops me from picking it up.
#3 Posted by PeRsOnOfCoMiCs707 (2 posts) - - Show Bio
how did Conner "Superboy" come back to life? i don't get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#4 Posted by the Vica (1951 posts) - - Show Bio

Why is Geoff Johns in charge of resurrecting everyone?

#5 Posted by johnny_spam (2184 posts) - - Show Bio
Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds the Legion brought him back.
#6 Posted by shugtastic (46 posts) - - Show Bio

that last page of the Superboy story change the entire tone of the issue.  i loved it.  :)
#7 Posted by cascadeking09 (6790 posts) - - Show Bio

i dont like the cover, it looks like fan art to me.

#8 Posted by King Saturn (219170 posts) - - Show Bio
this comic looks pretty sick
#9 Posted by Dr. Maxwell (676 posts) - - Show Bio

Loved that last comment G-Man
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I was about to send you a message today asking you to review good job G-Man 
I agree it does seem that since his death there were a lot of people who jumped on the Superboy bandwagon....I for one have been fan of his since his debut in the Death and Return of Superman storyline and I'm really glad to have him back....the writing was great but it was Geoff Johns how could it be anything other than great and the artwork was simply amazing...I've never seen any of Francis Manapul's art before...or if I have I just didn't notice it...anyway great review G-Man 
and just because I'm a shameless self promoter.....    

#11 Posted by reaper2923 (2863 posts) - - Show Bio

What no Black Lantern Superboy, I thought that was DC's new favorite way to bring back the dead?

#12 Posted by Justize (346 posts) - - Show Bio
@johnny spam: Conner is awesome!!!
#13 Posted by Justize (346 posts) - - Show Bio
@johnny spam: Because he's good at it. I mean, look at what he's done with Green Lantern.
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Krypto is awesome, and that bombshell sound effect made me feel like I was just shot XD, and what teenage dude wouldn't do that with x-ray vision jk...(maybe), nice review G-Man.

#15 Posted by inferiorego (23338 posts) - - Show Bio

This was my pick of the week. Awesome book

#16 Posted by Nahero (9350 posts) - - Show Bio

G~man he didn't mean sexually she probably almost drowned so he wanted to check for any internal damage

#17 Posted by PeRsOnOfCoMiCs707 (2 posts) - - Show Bio
@Nahero: knowing Superboy he probably means both ; )
#18 Posted by #1ElderScrollsFan (2010 posts) - - Show Bio

Good job G-Man  
I have always loved Superboy since his creation!!!
#19 Posted by FoxxFireArt (3627 posts) - - Show Bio

Now, when you say bombshell, are you speaking literally? As in BOMBshell?

#20 Posted by blade hunter (1917 posts) - - Show Bio

loved the issue and im extreamly happy that Connor s back but Batman: Blackest Night got my number 1 spot.
#21 Posted by mattydeNero (535 posts) - - Show Bio

Conner Kent has been awesome from the jump. When I was a kid during the "Reign of the Supermen", Conner wanted to be referred to as "Superman".  I thought that he was going to be the new Superman but, that didn't happen and the rest is history.  YOUNG JUSTICE is a book that I caught early as a teen. And for anyone that's just now starting to dig Superboy, get a whole of some YJ.  One of the funnest and funniest superhero comicbooks you'll ever read.  TEEN TITANS gave Conner more of an in-depth origin, leading into Infinite Crisis.  I was devestated when they killed him off.  There's always got to be a Superboy AND a Supergirl in the mix.  They're Superman's wide recievers.  I dug Legion of Three Worlds and now ADV. COMICS brought us back to Smallville.  Can't wait to see what happens next.
#22 Posted by G-Man (39827 posts) - - Show Bio
@Nahero said:
" G~man he didn't mean sexually she probably almost drowned so he wanted to check for any internal damage "
Uh huh...
@FoxxFireArt said:
" Now, when you say bombshell, are you speaking literally? As in BOMBshell? "

Buy it and find out!
#23 Posted by Johnny_Nemesis (2184 posts) - - Show Bio

As far as Superboys popularity...I think with Prime becoming a villain in IC, they wanted to kill him off so Prime could become more a universal and multiversal threat instead of just a villain for Superboy...
This is just what I think of course

#24 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82980 posts) - - Show Bio
@Nahero said:
"G~man he didn't mean sexually she probably almost drowned so he wanted to check for any internal damage "
Ahhh so young and innocent lol
#25 Posted by Mr Mofo (367 posts) - - Show Bio
@Gambler said:
" @Nahero said:
"G~man he didn't mean sexually she probably almost drowned so he wanted to check for any internal damage "
Ahhh so young and innocent lol "
Ha ha.
#26 Posted by Marshal Victory (692 posts) - - Show Bio

nice they do the dual numbers like that. wish others had did that instead of volume 3 number 1 .story looks intresting .this may make it into my monthly pile.good review an Francis Manapul art looks realy seeing his build ups on his blog 
#27 Posted by Mbecks14 (2114 posts) - - Show Bio

Glad Connor's back! Story was good, and i'm excited to see where its going! Art is great and Manupaul's career is still pretty new so it'll only get better. Glad to see the Legion around, but i think they could hold their own series if the right people were in charge. i guess Geoff wanted to recreate the old Adventure comics idea of Superboy/Legion and be able to write superboy and the legion with only one book since he's doing 100 things.
#28 Posted by Suigetsu (1727 posts) - - Show Bio

krypto... in what where they? A dog with cape... those super pet ideas are awful...
They should had used a Dinosaur instead, like in runaways.

#29 Posted by NightFang (11049 posts) - - Show Bio

Its feels good to have Conner back in the game again!

#30 Posted by Sasuke (446 posts) - - Show Bio

I have liked Conner since the young justice days. I couldn't wait till this issue came out.

#31 Posted by Pres (55 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved it too!  Really intrested to see where they take it.
#32 Posted by Kyle C (96 posts) - - Show Bio

Hahaha nice ending there.

#33 Posted by Kyle C (96 posts) - - Show Bio
@Justize said:
" @johnny spam: Conner is awesome!!! "
Dude, don't sweat it, that guy doesn't even know how to use periods.
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I really liked this issue, it was an eye opener for me to get into Superboy.

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I haven't read it yet because I haven't been to the store to pick up my comics yet, but I love that Conner is finally back. I hated that they killed him in Infinite Crisis. I think it would be really cool if the girl he saved ends up being Chloe Sullivan, it would be a nice little touch to actually get her character into continuity but odds are it's not her. But none the less Conner is back and the art is ridiculously good.

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I love Connor, and I always have loved him. It killed me when they had kiled him off. The reason they had did that was becasue they wanted to kill someone that people liked. Who would've cared if they killed Nightwing? He's a fav, but not by that much. I am extremely happy that superboy is back, he was the main reason I collect the Teen titans books, then I slowed, bc, he did died. I can't wait to read it to see what the big deal is for the end.
#37 Posted by Kyle C (96 posts) - - Show Bio

Just read it. I really enjoyed it, the writing is great and the art is fantastic. And Krypto is ADORABLE :D

#38 Posted by Media_Master (2189 posts) - - Show Bio

nice 4.5

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