A New Superboy Series Soars

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 Superboy's angry side, his dubious side, his... demure side?

There’s no keeping Superboy down, is there? Connor Kent, Kon-El, or whatever he prefers to go by… things weren’t really going his way when he was blown-up to death in INFINITE CRISIS, were they? But he’s back in style and what better measure is there of a character’s bountiful return than for him to get his very own monthly title? It’s coming later this year, according to DC’s Source blog, from the combined talents of writer Jeff Lemire and artist Pier Gallo. The sketches you see to the right are some preliminary work that Gallo’s already done to get the look of everybody’s favorite super-clone down. Think of them as like saltine crackers before your chicken fingers… a taste of the taste readers will be getting in August’s ACTION COMICS #892. Lemire and Gallo will be doing a one-off co-feature there that’s going to give readers a feel for how their monthly series is going to shake down.

I recall that Lemire was also recently announced to be writing an Atom co-feature. I’ll confess, I haven’t gotten to read his SWEET TOOTH book for Vertigo (even though I’ve been consistently intrigued by the preponderance of antlers on the covers). Have any of you maniacs in the Comic Vine community been reading it? How’s it been? What’s it about?

Another thing… I’ll also confess that I haven’t been keeping close track of Superboy’s adventures since the "Hypertension" arc in his own title, but… what just was up with that retcon about him being half-Luthor? I know that bald Lexy has an obsession with the Man of Steel that gets more than a little weird at times, but making a child whose “parents” are effectively Lex Luthor and Superman tips that obsession a little over the cliff in the chasm of creepiness, doesn’t it?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Studios and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Pre-order the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover now on Amazon.com.

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both of your posts should be deleted and you should get official warnings...if you don't have anything constructive to say about the topic then you don't need to post
@Tom Pinchuk:   It was revealed that instead of Paul Westfield using his own dna for Superboy that Lex Luthor had gotten his own DNA put into the mix and even programed subliminal orders into Superboy's mind so that he could take control over him at any given time...he eventually did this and turned him against the other Teen Titans but Superboy was able to break free of Lex's control and Superboy has since trained with some of DC's greatest psychics to keep Lex from doing it again

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It's nice to see growth in the Superman franchise, that is if you count the Adventure Comics/LOSH as a Superman book.  If not, at least it's been replaced.

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Why do people keep saying first and second? is there a prize if you're first or something?...
Anyways... I am not very involved into the Superman U.... but I did read the first Adventure Comics with Superboy which I loved... so I want to read this new series!
I'm sorry but I like Superboy more than I like Superman!

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6th! This will be awesome.

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You know, I am pretty let down that ADV. COMICS didn't become Superboy's monthly title.  It's cool that he's getting a Vol. 3(?) but I think Superman in Action and Superboy in Adventure would have been just as cool.  The Johns/Manapul story in Adv. Comics #1-4, 6 was good, but it kind of left us hanging with no conclusion on the whole Supes-Lex clone situation.  The main thing Conner did was make a list of "what Superman and Lex Luthor would do".  Hopefully this series will bring us up to speed on his retcon 7 years ago.
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sweet tooth is one of my favorite comics ever. its awesome. its got some cliche themes but its really well done and the art is very fitting for the story, but also very unique. its awesome. 
i really dig jeff lemires stuff and im glad hes getting to take on some bigger projects

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I thought Adventure Comics was Superboys monthly? It sucks now that Johns and Manapul moved on. Thank god they're on Flash!
Am not sure about this. I'll give it a go as long as DC leave out the ridiculous 'second feature'.

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meh...he should back to the teen titans or team up with Red Robin(needs a better name)

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Well it's about time.

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Huzzah.  Another mediocre character reborn from "death".

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yes! i was so salty when they kicked him out of adventure comics. i'll make room for this book

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I have been creeped out, too by Superboys' DNA "heritage".  Umm...correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it basically impossible for someone to have more than biological father?  Unless his Kryptonian clone DNA makes an allowance for such a thing?  I thought it was a crap idea to do that the character.  At least he's back.
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@spiderguylll said:
" meh...he should back to the teen titans or team up with Red Robin(needs a better name) "
he was in the recent issue of teen titans along with kid flash and both of them will be returning to the team
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I like that he is getting his own solo 
I dis-like the art above
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@DEGRAAF said:
"  I dis-like the art above "
yea, Francis Manapul knew how to draw him now his hair looks like J.J.Jamason's hair
 @Shaunw1973 said:
" I'll give it a go as long as DC leave out the ridiculous 'second feature'. "
they were very anoying, i mean would it of killed them to leave it out so we could get a few more pages of story, I personaly hated the Ravager feature what a waste of time maybe it's because i don't like her character but they could of put all that story in a mini series instead of cutting in on the titans
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@Tom Pinchuk:Have I told you lately that I love you?... ; )
You know, I like Superboy obviously(?) not as much as Superman but I like him none the less even though I haven't read much of him since I only started reading seriously in '05.I'll definitely consider this book but I just don't know, it will be hard to read this and not think it would be better with Mr.Francis Manapul's art attached.I think I'll give the first issue a shot, never read Jeff Lemire's work but I'll give him a shot as well.Also about the art above it looks good and is definitely serviceable but the only thing that bothers me is the hair it just doesn't look right from the front and his mad face looks a little funny but definitely decent work, I'll check it out.  
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WOO LOVE Superboy, so what he will have his own series apart from Adventure Comics?

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@Theodore:  no adventure will be entirely about the legion
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@RedK said:
" @Theodore:  no adventure will be entirely about the legion "
cool I love LEGION. I wonder which member is getting the GL ring...
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FINALLY! Hes better without a team.

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@Theodore:  it will probably a future desendent of one of the green lanters, they should call themselves Teen Lantern
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I thought Legion were getting their own monthly? Are they just taking over Adventure? or am I just confused?

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anything from the Superverse im down for

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about damn time Conner gets his own series again

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Super-Boy finale get's some respect!

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@spiderguylll said:
" meh...he should back to the teen titans or team up with Red Robin(needs a better name) "
i want them to have a Batman/Superman style team up.
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Red Robin/Superboy title......hell its got Conner in it I'm buying it.

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@ iloverobots   said: 
I thought Legion were getting their own monthly? Are they just taking over Adventure? or am I just confused?      
No your not getting confused, just a little lost. They have their own monthly, Adventure is just building the backstory on how the legion came to be and some of their early adventures. The self titled book for the legion of super heroes is about their current adventures.  
I am excited for DC bringing Superboy a new series, the first they did for him ended rather abruptly not explaining the t-shirt and jeans look at all. hopefully this makes it past issue 100    

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