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Superboy v4 Issue 2 0

After one issue, I described this book as one of my favorites to my friend. I quickly stepped back to say it was a bit early to judge the book as such, but then I read this issue, and I must say, this series is now one of my favorites. It's so weird to me, seeing how I've never been a huge Superboy fan, but looking back I now see that Superboy is one of the few teenage heroes that really thrives in a solo series. Jeff Lemire and Pier Gallo have something great going here and I look forward to re...

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Doesn't Feel As Super As Last Issue 0

There's something going on with the vegetation in Smallville. With Poison Ivy on the scene, will Superboy fight her up with here?  The Good It's up to Superboy to get to the bottom of things. There's something big and bad happening in Smallville and it may be more than he can handle, even with the help of Krypto and Simon. It's always good to see that there is more to Smallville than the Kent farm and the downtown area. The location of the main battle here gives Smallville more of a re...

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Superboy 2 0

This review and more comics news, reviews and opinions can be found at  “Two words… PARASITE FROGS!”That may need some explanation.This month’s Superboy picks up where the last one left off: Poison Ivy is in Smallville and she needs Superboy’s help. Superboy initially distrusts her, but she claims she’s not the one causing all of the vegetation to go nuts. There’s some alien power affecting the whole Green and all the plant elementals are feeling it. They track it ...

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Yawn 0

Summary: As the giant weeds begin to take over Smallville and Poison Ivy and Superboy team up to figure out what’s going on, Simon feels a little left out of the adventure as Conner leaves him with Krypto to watch over the currently detained Parasite. Simon is convinced that Conner isn’t going to be able to handle the situation and Poison Ivy without his help, so he leaves Parasite to Krypto and commences with something called “Project Purple Haze” Ivy leads Superboy to a barn where an old man ...

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"Superboy...I Need You" - Poison Ivy 0

There are a lot of people who reviewed this and I have to since I am Jeff Lemire's Biggest fan on Comicvine.  Don't believe me, ask I am not saying my opinion is the best, I just have to review this issue, since I respect Lemire's work. This comic continues from the cliff-hanger from issue #1, where we meet Poison Ivy.  Conner has to team up with Ivy to stop this machine that is growing mad plants and reeking havoc on Smallville.  What we learn later is that it was set up by the near f...

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Poison Ivy a Friend or a Foe 0

  Cover The cover art is better than the art inside and makes you excited to see what is to come in the issue. Story Poison Ivy needs Superboy helps because she can feel a disturbance from the plants and she needs to find the source. Simon wants to help but, Superboy tells him to stand watch. As Poison Ivy and Superboy leave Simon takes a sample of the “purple mist” for analysis. Superboy and Poison Ivy find the source at Mr. Gilliam’s farm. They go in and he is hooked up to some sort of machine...

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well stop it. It's annoying. 0

Last month we saw the launch ofa new Superboy title, following on from his adventures in adventure comics, with Coner Kents new life as Superboy in Smallville. The first issue introduced the new premis of the series with conner being told by the Phantom Stranger that his precence in Smallville will clamity to the town. We saw proof of this prediction as Parasite attacked Conner. But as soon as Conner was able to incopasitate the power drainer he, Simon ( his genious friend ) and Krypto ( the dog...

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Superboy and Ivy team up? 0

Superboy and Poison Ivy team up to find the cause of Smallville's plant problem. But is she really helping him? Pros: This story feels like something Smallville would have a problem with: huge plants spouting across the county. After seeing Poison Ivy appear at the end of the first issue, she would seem the obvious culprit, but it wasn't her. I like Jeff Lemire's take on Ivy though. From the first page, she's got the seductive personality going on. I also do like the fact that Simon Valentine wa...

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"Smallville is my responsibility" 0

Be sure to check out my review of Superboy #1. 100 Words Or LessPoison Ivy is in town and needs Superboy's help! Smallville has been overtaken by plants and it's up to the team of Superboy and Poison Ivy (?!?) to stop it before it gets out of control. Also, with Simon in the know about Superboy's secret identity, what does that mean for the two of them? So Then I Said... I'm going to start off by saying I didn't enjoy Issue #2 as much as I did Issue #1. I felt the storyline was a little bit ...

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