What is Superboy Prime's best rivalry?

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Who do you think Prime has the best rivalry with? Connor Kent? Bart Allen? Sodom Yat? Krypto?

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Connor Kent

LMAO @ krypto being a rival

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conner. since they both are known as superboy and conner was his replacement.

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Conner is his greatest rival but Conner's power isn't up there. His fights against Sodam Yat and Monarch were best.

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Oh, right. I forgot about Monarch.

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Connor Kent.

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LOL, look at how long SBP's enemies list is at his profile.

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Prime doesnt have a rivalry with Bart Allen, hes flat out terrified of them

But IMO I would say just plain ol Supes, I think Prime has had the most animosity toward him

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I would say he has multiple rivals in diffrent areas.

Connor would be his rival in the name department

Sodam Yat and Monarch would be his rival in power  
Superman would be his rival due to Superboy Prime's sheer hatred towards him.

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gotta say superman he really hates him, then connor

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Connor Kent. 
Kal L was ok too.

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The writers of DC Comics.

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@Dane said:

Conner is his greatest rival but Conner's power isn't up there. His fights against Sodam Yat and Monarch were best.

Conner is

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I would say it definitely has to be Connor, he hates the entire Teen Titans but I think that spawns out of them being Connor's teammates and friends. I don not agree with the statement that he is terrified of Bart, I think he hates the Flash family and fears them as a whole but is not afraid of any of them individually. I mean he killed 130+ Green Lanterns, I don't think he is afraid of any one particular being. I think his hatred for Connor is really what caused his fall into villainy, here he is, a true Superboy, the last true Superboy from a destroyed Multiverse, stuck in limbo with everyone from his life gone, watching the heroes from the last remaining DC earth die and be corrupted, and there is a clone made in a test tube sporting his name and symbol. That hate and jealous is what led to his actions in Infinite Crisis and everything since. He hates Connor for having his name and getting to live the life of a hero when he was made, not born to be Superboy. Powerwise I don't think he has an equal, it took 2 Supermen to stop him, and he mopped the floor with Sodam Yat. He is a badass.

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connor is only SBP's rival as to who should be superboy, physically there is nobody I know who is as strong as him on a regular basis..............

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Bart allen

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