What if Superboy Prime found his way to the real world?

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First question, what do you think would happen if Superboy Prime found his way to the real world meaning the world we live in?
Second question, what would you do if you found out? 
Third question, Do you think he would help us or destroy us?

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We'd be in BIIIIIIG trouble...

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Well DC comics would be rubble and Didio's head would be on a stick

#4 Posted by alexander121793 (253 posts) - - Show Bio

Why do you think we would be in big trouble?

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@alexander121793:  He's a completely and utter murderous nutbag who goes on killing spree whenever people don't act according to his misinterpreted twisted Silver Age morality with the power of a god in a world (ours) that is far darker then most comics have ever depicted their worlds. Especially the clean, polished silver age world where he is from.
And we don't have anything on our planet to even slow him down.
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because no one I know can punch through reality
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If the guy who created him is still alive, heck any character who has written him, can't we kill him off by publishing a new comics or at least turn him into a good guy to help us.

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I'd high five him for being so awesome

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@RedK said:
" I'd high five him for being so awesome "
  You might be lacking a hand afterward if you did this.
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Superboy Prime would be from a diffrent universe from ours.  
Also since he is from the dc multiverse it would work like this. Superboy Prime comes here and starts to destroy him so they create a comic where he is killed off but due to the dc multiverse instead of killing the Superboy Prime in our world we would instead create a whole knew universe seperate from ours who would die and become a black lantern while the Superboy Prime we are dealing with would stay here and still kill us safe and sound.  
Also if we wrote a story to try to make him good we would instead create another universe seperate from ours that turned good while the Superboy Prime we are dealing with would be safe and sound and knowbody that crazy has ever stayed good in a comic book so he would still turn evil again eventualy. 
So your idea won't work unless you wan't three Superboy Primes attacking us.

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Why would he be lacking a hand after giving Superboy Prime a high five?

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Dosen't he already live on another real world?

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Primemaster64 I think you misunderstood what I mean't by real world. 
By real world I mean't what if Superboy Prime came to our world. 

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@alexander121793: hmmm I guess
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I would cry,pray,piss,and shit myself simultaneously
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he just hates DC

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Everyone grab magical itemsfrom any universe no matter how silly. Don’t we have scenario for any super powerful characters on how to fight him/her/it? Who has great knowledge of Silver Age?    

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If he comes with out his armor, he cant do anything to us because our sun will depower him faster than any other superman. If he comes with his armor on, he wont do anything to us because his anger is only aggainst the DC and any "fake" superhero, on top of that, if he discover he has fans here he will start as this world only superhero (he probably will kill all the drug dealers, murderers, thieves of any kind instead of sending them to jail) starting his redemption with the universe...   Until somebody say something bad about him in public, in with case we can kiss our ____ good bye unless somebody has will enougth to get green a lantern ring, be possesed by Eon, have the whole ___ing Corp come to his aid, and even like that I dont think we can win. He is a SuperFANboy on God mode.

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We would actualy be more vurlnable than the dc universe because unlike dc we don't have the high technology or superpowers to so much as dent him. 
Superboy prime wouldn't be depowered by our sun because our sun is yellow which gives him his powers in the first place. 
We wouldn't be able to depower him because unlike the charactors in dc comics we have no way to travel past our moon much less to a solar system with a red sun. 
None of our weapons could even scratch him, we don't have the technology to get him to a solar system to a red sun, and we don't have superpowers to devend ourselfs. 
Also he would kill us because he hates dc and this universe is where dc originated. Basicly we are the cause of the very thing he hates which means he would kill us or at destrot dc comics and all the staff. 
The only chance I see for us to stop him is if he comes 5,000 years or more later because by then scientests predict we would be a type 3 civilazation capable of technology feats we cannot even comprehend but I dout even that would work so I think it would be best if he comes 5,000 years after that. Some scientest predect if the multiverse exists we could become a type 7 civilisation capable of feats that would seem impossible even for a type three. 
If we actualy do become a type 7 civilsation this is how I predect the battle will be superboy prime appears ready to kill the dc comics staff, we use a wormhole to teleport him to a time before earth prime was destroyed by anti-monitor, superboy prime stops anti-monitor, superboy prime lives happily ever after. If superboy prime still tries to come after him we would simply create a pocket universe composed or that has a lot of red sun radiotion and we seal the gateway to the pocket diminsion problem solved superboy prime is stuck with no powers sealed away in a universe for all eternity. 
Though those high civilsation levels would make us stand a chance against him I still don't see us surviving if he comes to our universe in the 21'st century bascily if he comes to the present he will win, if he comes in the next 5,000 years he will have a chance to lose, if he comes in the next 10,000 years he is garanteed to lose.

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heres a definition to put the civilsation levels into perspective: 
Type 0- the human civilsation currently is type 0 because we don't even rank on the scale 
type 1- able to harness the energy of a entire planet 
type 2- able to harness the energy of the entire sun 
type 3- able to harness the energy of a entire galaxy 
type 4- if its possible and their is a high possibility it is a type 4 civilsation would be able to harness the energy of the entire universe 
type 5- If multiple universes exist then at civilsation level 5 we would be able to harness the energy of the entire multiverse 
type 6- if their is a omniverse a type 6 civilisation would be able to harness the energy of the entire multiverse 
type 7- extremly unpredicable if its even possible though most people agree it is if we manage to get that far a type 7 civilsation would be near god like beings 
I also support the technology singularity movement because I think god gave us the free will choose and I don't see why it would be bad to use technology to improve our lives whether it be enhancing the human body or creating a new app for the i-phone. Another reason why I support technological advancement is that if we stay on the technology we have now we will either die out or be reduced to the dark age again which I see as bad things. Also people tend to forgett that allthough technology brings weapons it also brings medicene, shelter, entertainment and so many other benifets that it's pros out way its cons. for people who don't understand transhuman transhuman is also creating something that would replace humans it is using emerging technology's to enhance technology, our selfs ect. 
It would be funny to see what would happen if superboy prime suddenly appeared and tried to attack a type 7 transhuman civilisation becuase that with that level of technology combined with the transhuman developments would make it so easy to defeat superboy prime that it would take about a nano second. Though it is impossible to exact predict that far here is a pretty good senariao Superboy Prime appears, we zap him with red solor radiation or block the yellow sun radiation from hitting and we teleport him back to the dc universe and why don't we trap him in the speed force while were at it. 
So in short if prime comes here in the present day we are in trouble but if prime comes trillions of years he will lose because even at a type 4 he would lose. If we choose to allow transhuman technological development we would reach type 7 much sooner due to our enhanced intelegence. Superboy prime would be hard pressed to fight any advanced transhuman if he comes across a transhuman in a type 4, 5, 6, 7 civilsation he is almost garranteed to lose. We would even be able to at least hold him back at type 3 and possibly be able to hold our own at type 3 but I serously dout  superboy prime would be able to beat a type 4, 5, 6, or 7 civilisation much less one that is also transhuman. 

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He would fall over.  
I would lecture to him if I got a chance, but give him a helping hand up first. Plus a piece of blue tack. 


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