What are some characters that can beat Superboy Prime?

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From either DC or Marvel. This is excluding gods, which includes but is not limited to 'The One Above All', 'The Presence', 'The Living Tribunal', 'Man of Miracles/Mother'. 

I'm not yet at the part where he just destroys everything without much trouble but I've heard of his ridiculous power. 
I'm talking about this guy, by the way.

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SBP is an absolute beast, not sure I'll have to think. 
also i hate the fact that he beat up yat, really wish he would of won :/
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C'mon, anyone?

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Uhh...av for the win.

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Ion when not around lead?
Not sure... maybe Chuck Norris jk, really I'm a tool for writing that

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thor  ghost rider and galactus
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Supergirl Prime LOL 

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Obsidian can.

Prime can't hurt him and Obie can manipulate his fears.

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Manhunter and krypto

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