Superman Prime's resistance to magic.

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It doesn't make sense. In Infinite Crisis, it has shown us that Black Adam's magic lightning only tickled him. After that happened, everyone is saying that he's immune to magic, or at least highly resistant to it. What I have come to understand is that he is only resistant to elemental magic for the time being. We haven't seen his resistance to other ranges and/or forms of magic.

For him to claim magic doesn't work is nothing more than a bluff to me because Prime has not encountered the full range of different magical effects. Let's take Zatanna for instance. Her powers are magical in nature, and have a wide range of effects, even reality warping abilities (could be wrong, so correct me if I am.). I think that if Prime was attacked by Zatanna, magically, that it would have an effect on him. I mean, she's capable of so much, and because she has a wide range of magical abilities, she's gotta be able to hurt him with something. If not, then wouldn't Prime be... a powerful magical being!? LOL. Someone talk to me please.
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I think it makes sense. It goes along with his resistance to other things that affect Superman as long as they're not from his home universe.

The magic thing for those who haven't seen it:

Also, Zauriel's sword doesn't bother him:

Then there's Kryptonite:

And artificial red sunlight(real red sun radiation works though):

He might not be resistant to all magic, but if the reason it's useless against him is because it's not from his universe, then I don't see why he wouldn't be. Until it's shown that he is weak to other kinds (and there have been plenty of opportunities for that since he's gone up against so many of Earth's heroes and some of them use magic), I think the assumption that he's resistant to magic has support. And being resistant to magic doesn't make him a powerful magic being. It just makes him a guy that's resistant to magic who happens to be powerful because of all his other abilities.

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Oh, so it's mainly because he isn't from the mainstream universe? Well, that somewhat makes sense, I think.

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@Static Shock:

He was actauly shown to not be affected by other magic either when Mordu tried to attack him and Mordu's poweres had no effect. 
Zanatahs are basicly using magic to warp reality and a 5 diminsion imp who's race happened to be the most powerfull reality manipulators in the dc universe had no effect on him. 
I don't see him being effected by magic anytime soon.
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Unless is from earth prime

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That’s kind of overpowering.  Was he defeated by Batgirl with a chop on the head right or am I thinking the wrong Superboy? We have to use stuff from the prime universe to hurt him. Marvel magic may be stronger since they follow the source material more. We can use Archie or Harveyville to defeat him if they are from the original source. Archie Sonic hasn’t been remade, so it is still prime universe.

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Magic and kryptonite doesn't exist in his world. 
Superman prime is from universe prime which is a comic book version of our world meaning no superheroes. 
In superman primes universe superpowered being are comicbook fiction. So that means magic doesn't exist in his world other than cheap party tricks. 
Superman Prime wouldn't of had powers in the first place had their not been a infinite crisis which caused him to gain powers. 
You can't take his universe into the equation because in his universe superpowers, magic, kryptonite ect. is fiction. 
So no magic will affect him because in his universe magic dosn't exist.
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Did the writers write that? I would believe adaption over time like the future superman. Or counter measure like superman resistant gear for kryptonite.   I can believe he gain immunity due to the crisis, but to say he is immune due his universe has no magic seems dumb. He is not in his universe so it should have some affect.  Is it like one of the dimensional effect changes like Flash loses his speed? If it is just magic immunity due to him being born that way that makes more sense.    
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Not all kryptonians from other reality's have superman's weaknesses for example superman from earth 2 is basicly the golden age superman so he lacks supermans weaknesses. 
Superboy Prime is the same way just because the superman from the comic book reality we know has a weakness to magic doesn't mean superman or any other kryptonians from other reality's will have the same weaknesses.  
I will give you an example Ultra Man supermans counterpart from the anti matter universe is powered by kryptonite rather than being injured by it because in his reality thats the way kryptonians are in his reality, 
So Superboy Prime is resistant to magic because he was born that  way like all other kryptonians from earth prime are.

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@Static Shock: 
prime is  highly resistant  or immune to magic even from his universe because nothing sugest magic from his universe affect him more than magic from other universe

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