SuperBoy Prime and Silver Age Superman...

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I was thinking the other day about how their power levels differ and who is more powerfull, and i came to the conclusion that Prime is potentially quite more powerfull than PIS incarnate.  Reason i say this is that SBP came very close to doing some of the things that SA Supes did and SBP is barely in his twenties, like he hasnt matured and had time to develope his power further and still he camose very very close.......any other ideas, am i right or am i wrong?
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Silver Age Superman holds back while Superboy-Prime often just cuts loose

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They did team up together

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so what do you agree, or what?
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Well for one Prime punched into the 5th Dimension I'm not sure if Silverage ever did that but I know he went though barriers of time and space (even though he is Superman) To be honest no I still think silverage is stronger. Even as Superboy SA Superman towed more than one planet behind him Prime only has ever moved one Planet on it's own. he is close to sliverage but not quite on that scale.

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SA Superman = Silver age 
Prime = Bronze age

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@slacker the hacker: prime= silver age
prime has strength feats that not even SA superman has and great durability feats
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They are the same!!!!

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I may be inclined to disagree with you on that: 
1. Superboy prime's feat don't come close lots of people tend to forgett superboy prime punched threw reality only with alexander luthors help. Pre crisis superman literally sneezed and destroyed a universe, moved a entire solar system, threw a black hole to the end of the universe, blew out the sun, relit the sun, traveled so fast he literal ran to heaven by accident which even flash could not do. 
While you may think it a big deal that superboy prime killed anti-moniter don't forgett when superboy prime killed anti-monitor anti-monitor was actualy weaker than when pre crisis superman fought him. When Pre Crisis Superman fought anti monitor anti monitor had boosted his power by absorbing every universe in the infinite multiverse besides earth 1 and the anti mater universe meaning he had his power boosted by about infinity and the only being who could stalemate him was spectre who has as dc confirmed powers equal to pressence dc's god so long as pressence allowed him to use that much power. That version of anti monitor had to be vastly weakned while he was destracted by spectre and even then it took both superboy prime and earth two superman just to beat him.  
So while prime did kill anti monitor the anti monitor at that time was a shell of what he was during crisis on infinite earths. 
I say superboy prime has close to the power pre crisis superman had when he was a teenager and will most likely equal pre crisis superman during his adult years. 

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Prime isn't as powerful as him based off of feats. SA Superman as a boy tugged a solar system away, tore through dimensions and time-traveled.

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bump yea i agree prime did really grow up yet and only had the guardian energy that made him look so he is stronger even though his last showing was pure bs.

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I think its hard to give a fair comparison because its like comparing apples to oranges, the silver age era and modern/bronze era are written completely different. Silver Age Superman was written way too powerful because little thought was given to what implications continuity-wise those power levels and his actions could lead to. They were never really written by the same writer or in the same era so its hard to compare their power levels. It'd be like comparing a hall of fame baseball player from the 1920's to one nowadays, really can't gauge it on that alone. I think SBP's suit definitely increases his power, and we saw that it took both Kal-El and (a very aged) Kal-L to stop him. There really is no fair way to compare them. Silver Age Supes did some ridiculously powerful things, but ION is supposed to be the most powerful being in the Universe and SBP kicked the shit out of him. So the arguement can go both ways :P

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@MrDirector786 said:
Prime isn't as powerful as him based off of feats. SA Superman as a boy tugged a solar system away, tore through dimensions and time-traveled.
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Hell no not even close

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Superboy prime has Universe-level+ durability. I haven't read a lot of Pre-Crisis Superman's comics, but as far as I know, Pre-Crisis Superman cannot bust a Universe without the Sword of Superman. So Pre-Crisis Superman cannot do anything to Superboy prime.

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