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I think fans might get a new 52 interpretation of Prime in the upcoming storyline with Superman, Superboy and Supergirl, which introduces the New character H'el. H'el seems to be prime condensed with Bizzaro and Match. Now dc has been doing this alot and it's been working. They condensed some charaters with elements of they're vertigo counterparts, they also recently condensed the original Atom with Atom Smasher and Damage in Earth 2. It's recently been done with Prime in the young justice series, condensing him with Match. Some fans may be disappointed but i think it's as close as you're going to get to see Prime in new 52. I for one think it makes the character work in the New 52. Opinions?

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What makes you think this could be SB Prime, too?

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The eyes and the carved in chest logo, Im not saying it def is Prime, but i am saying it has elements integrated into his look, and possibly his origin. That remains to be seen. It might just go to say that in this way, Prime wasn't just overlooked and forgotten.

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Dc explained that they have changed their minds about this character and they will probably make him a new character.

I dont want him to be an old one!

Well we have to wait

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yeah...Lobdell has said that this was originally supposed to be a new Bizarro but editorial came a long and said that at this point the character had been changed so much that he was absolutely nothing like Bizarro so they decided to make him a new character

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also just because someone has an S burned into their chest doesn't mean that they're a new version of Prime....I don't see Match from Young Justice as anything like Prime at all

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It's just elements as i said before

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Im just saying he might have taken inspiration from different characters to create an entirely new one. Besides in young justice the creator said that Match was inspired by both Prime and Match.

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nah i don't think so he will be a new character. Prime will always be prime if we are going to see him again then wait a couple of years for the next big event he always appears in them anyway. Match was nothing like Prime for me though.

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I'd be fine if they just pretended SBP didn't exist

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i see H'el as the N52 Bizzaro , i think a cool idea is SBP is still the same from before the reboot , as in he comes to to N52 and wonders what the heck happened?

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