He's baaaaaaaaack!!!

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#51 Posted by tensor (4095 posts) - - Show Bio

glad he is back i hope this is good

#52 Posted by OmegaDynasty (9184 posts) - - Show Bio
@warlock360 said:
" He started off good but was mad at the fact that he didn't get any recognition like superman did, then one thing lead to another and he even ended up accidentally killing someone 

a point of no return from there since no one would show any sort of sympathy. 
Right there I kinda felt sad for him, although it was his own fault with being jealous of the Konner and attacking him. 
#53 Posted by RedHoodJT (527 posts) - - Show Bio

I have never felt sorry for him. I've felt a lot of anger for what he's done and think that he deserves some serious harsh punishment. But then I learned that, like Jason, he is just a cash cow for DC to make a villain or at least seem like the bad guy. And I'm just disgusted with it.

#54 Posted by baron2011 (1151 posts) - - Show Bio

i hope prime will become a hero

#55 Posted by karrob (4279 posts) - - Show Bio


#56 Posted by SilverZeo (2748 posts) - - Show Bio
@warlock360: Don't blame that on him, blame the writers! Like what they did to Cass and Roy!

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