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The League of Super-Assassins believe that they have killed the six Legionnaires who they believed was responsible for destroying their home planet of Dryad. Unbeknown to them, Superboy has been able to place the five Legionnaires, and himself, into a state of suspended animation to make it appear that they have died. Thanks to the intervention of Brainiac 5, who is recuperating from his mental instability, had devised a plan to get the Legionnaires out of their suspended animation and goes to the Legion of Substitute of Heroes for help: they have to defeat and capture the League of Super-Assassins for the Legion members to get out of their suspended animation. The Legion of Substitute Heroes succeeds in defeating the League of Super-Assassins, thanks to their member Blok not resisting. Brainiac 5 then harnesses power from Lazon's body to counteract the radiation in the Legionnaires body to get them out of their suspended animation. The Legion ponders how to help cure Brainiac 5 from his mental instability as well as contending with someone named the Dark Man, the person who fueled the League of Super-Assassins to attack the Legion.

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