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Chameleon Boy views a tape that will help him conclude some unsolved mysteries that the Legion of Super-Heroes has faced, particularly who set up Ultra Boy for the murder of An Ryd weeks ago. Believing that it's actually a fellow Legionnaire, some masked person with a blast enters the room and blasts Chameleon Boy, but not before Chameleon was able to remove the mask and find out who it was. Chameleon Boy goes unconscious and he is found by Wildfire, who promptly calls in the rest of the Legion. Wildfire informs the Legion that Chameleon Boy suspected that a fellow Legionnaire was a culprit when the masked man mysteriously appears as a hologram. He tells the Legion that they will all play a game, a game that started with An Ryd's death, and if all the Legionnaires fail, the universe will end. Suddenly an alarm rings and Element Lad, the Legion's deputy leader, sends Mon-El and Superboy to investigate and they find a large monster, Omega, that claims to hate the Legion. He shrugs off Mon-El's blows and hits him back, giving him a concussion. Superboy concedes that round and takes Mon-El to get medical support. The Legion debates what other 'games' their mysterious adversary plans and Wildfire says the Legion has to split into smaller teams to intercept any approach to Earth. Wildfire then reveals that he was able to decipher some of Chameleon Boy's notes and learned that the betraying Legionnaire, the one who created Omega, is none other than Brainiac 5. Brainiac 5 does not deny the claim and explains his motive, how he is tired of solving the universe's problems and he created Omega due to his frustrations. The Legion can see he has gone mad and place him in custody. Wildfire wonders why Omega doesn't simply destroy the galaxy now instead of waiting to come to the Legion headquarters first and he realizes he has to get the secret from Brainiac 5 one way or another.

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