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Mordru is revealed to be the one behind the attack on Earth, all to get revenge against the Legion of Super-Heroes. He is faced against only four Legionnaires, Superman, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Karate Kid, since the others have been captured due to the war between the Khunds and Earth, which Mordru has orchestrated. The four Legionnaires escape to devise a plan and Mordru muses over the events that has led him there, including the Dark Circle releasing him, believing Mordru would serve them. He then thinks about his ultimate plan to destroy Earth, so he can never be held underground again, which is his biggest weakness. The four Legionnaires then return to Mordru, and their imprisoned teammates, and are able to free their teammates. The full force of the Legion then fights against Mordru and thanks to Element Lad, Mordru is defeated. After the battle is over, the Legion amends their constitution and allow married members to join the team, allowing both Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl to return to the fold. The galaxy feels peace at long last.

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