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Ultra Boy returns to his home planet of Rimbor at the request of an old flame, An Ryd. Unfortunately, An Ryd set Ultra Boy up and in the hotel room they met at, a disguised man shoots Ultra Boy, knocking him unconscious. When An Ryd demands her payment in her part of this ruse, the masked man then kills her. Ultra Boy wakes up off planet, without his Legion flight ring, to the Legion of Super-Heroes coming towards him, asking him about the murder he is now accused of committing. The Legion must bring him in but Ultra Boy breaks free and tries to find clues to what really happened. Along the way, he is met by Chameleon Boy, who tells Ultra Boy that he will conduct his own investigation, thinking perhaps that Marla Latham may be a suspect. Ultra Boy continues to be a fugitive, looking for any more clues to absolve him of the murder but the Legion eventually catch up with him, apprehending him. Before they send him to the Science Police, Chameleon Boy intervenes and informs everyone that Wildfire is the real culprit, because he's actually a robot. A fight soon reveals the truth that Wildfire was actually a robot and Chameleon Boy explains how he knew. However, the person who created the robot is still at large and Chameleon Boy wants to continue the investigation, even though he has an idea of who the real murderer is.

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