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Story 1: A World Born Anew!

Cosmic Boy and Night Girl are enjoying a relaxing time on Braal with the planet begins to fall in turmoil, with ground spontaneously becoming like sludge and seas suddenly appearing on the surface. While a group of Legionnaires answer the call, Cosmic Boy and Night Girl meet the source of the problem, Worldsmith. The Worldsmith is concerned about his client, and changes worlds for his own purposes, as if he were a planetary architect. The Legion try to stop him by destroying his machine, but the Worldsmith is able to rebuff them. Projectra devises a plan and the Legion outsmarts Worldsmith, making him feel inferior, therefore defeating him.

Story 2: Mon-El's One Man War!

Mon-El handles a Khund attack on the outskirts of the galaxy on his own.

Story 3: Words Never Spoken

Lightning Lad asks for Saturn Girl's hand in marriage, but before she can accept, she has to make certain that sacrificing the Legion of Super-Heroes is worth it, since the Legion does not allow married members. The travel to Titan so Saturn Girl can get assistance in deciding, and she finally accepts.

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