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A ZERO HOUR tie-in! Superboy meets Superboy! As time turns upside down in the DC Universe, Superboy comes face-to-face with the original Boy of Steel in the place where it all began, Smallville!

A Zero Hour crossover issue. Superboy and Dubbilex are en route above Kansas when a Zero Hour time distortion hits. The distortion brings the pre-Crisis Superboy to our time, who believes he is returning to Smallville after a jaunt to the 30th century. The pre-Crisis Superboy is shocked to find Smallville changed, and even more shocked that Lana Lang is married to Pete Ross. Our Superboy investigates, and the pre-Crisis Superboy is upset that there is an imposter. As the two fight, our Superboy points out to the pre-Crisis Superboy the time fluctuations. The pre-Crisis Superboy decides to surrender, sparing the Kents the shock of seeing this younger version of their adopted son. The pre-Crisis Superboy makes out Superboy promise to live up to the name before fading away.

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