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The story starts with Superboy trying to explain to the Kents, how he got to this place through Hypertime, but is now stranded. Clark offers him to stay. They can act like brothers, with the help of a new disguise of course. But then Black Zero arrives. He has a lot of Stormguards with him. They attack the two Superboys. Clark manages to catch a hyper-bullet, but gets teleported away alongwith Connor. At the Cadmus Labs, the scientists hold a meeeting. They feel the need of a replacement of Superboy. Superboy awakens inside Black Zero's HQ. To his astonishment, he sees lots of Superboy variants. Black Zero narrates his story. He tells that in his world, a Superman was present, but had died. So a clone was made. But the clone differed from Connor in that it grew to adulthood. This adult Superman was never accepted by the masses. So Superman renamed himself as Black Zero. He conquered his world and constructed his fortress out of Cadmus Labs. Now Black Zero plans to conquer other worlds. Superboy mocks him, telling that Zero would never be able to conquer his world. Black Zero gets irritated and responds. He opens a chamber, producing numerous Doomsdays...

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