pspin's Superboy #6 - Not So Super review

Superboy #6 Review

Superboy #6 Review


Superboy meets Supergirl and they don’t like each other

The Good:

I really like how Lobdell has intertwined Superboy and Teen Titans. I think it works to the advantage of the story, especially how Supergirl was integrated too. Personally I never really thought these two would interact much but this meeting doesn’t feel forced at all. I have never read Supergirl but she seems very angry at the world. I really like how Suberboy acted in this issue and how he is reacting to the manipulations of NOWHERE. I also like how Superboy is learning things about his powers at the same time the reader is. Another cool thing is how different people can see the same person. Some see Superboy as a tool, a misguided youth, or in Kara's case, an abomination.

The Bad:

The art isn’t that bad but it isn’t that good either, sometimes Supergirl looks weird.


The issue focuses mostly on how Kara reacts to Suberboy even though he has no idea what she is talking about. I also think it show part of the destruction of Krypton which might interest some people. Overall it was good writing and decent enough art.

4 out of 5


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