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Superboy and Knockout are wanted by the law and go on the run. Things get worse when the daughter of one of Superman's most tenacious villains decides this is the perfect moment to strike.

While buying some new shades and perhaps jacket to replace those he lost in a fight last issue, Superboy hears about a pod of whales that washed ashore. He let's Knockout know, but she chases him away as he's praying to Darkseid, When Superboy leaves she finishes with "glory to Darkseid, i will use my strength in your name". Lifting up the whales, he receives a helping "hand" which he believes belongs to Knockout, but is in fact Supergirl's. Supergirl explains that she was looking for him when she stumbled upon the news of the whales and had come to help. Superboy says it's weird how "something so smart can get itself into so much trouble", which becomes a brilliant segue for Supergirl to bring up his situation, telling him he shouldn't run from the law and reminds him he's a member of the Superman family. Superboy still refuses to believe that Knockout is guilty. He also mentions how a) Superman was found guilty in the trial of Superman and later b) how Supergirl herself was involved with Lex Luthor. Knockout interrupts them and the 2 women break into a long fight, with Knockout seemingly having an advantage at first but neither of them completely beating the other. In the hospital, Rex asks Dubbilex if he could read Roxy's mind to see what he should buy her. Dubbilex is ammused by the sincerity and generosity of his request but says he has no psi powers any longer. Sparx drops into invite Superboy to the "event Horizon", a Rave (happening now) exclusive to super powered teens, that as Sparx says is "gonna change your life", providing the intro to Superboy and the Ravers. After Sparx splits Supergirl and Knockout from fighting, Supergirl tries to reason with Superboy again, where Superboy mentions Supergirl's past relationship with Luthor, and Supergirl ends up tearing his S symbol out (hence "Losin' It") Superboy is left sulking, he tells Sparx he wants to be alone but promises to attend the Event Horizon sometime later. Once again Knockout makes him fly her out saying there's nothing there he needs, except her, to which Superboy agrees although with some regret/despair. Later at night the police scout for evidence but Roxy Leech manages to hide the S shield.

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