the_mighty_monarch's Superboy #22 - High School And Other Assorted Horrors review

Who Is Coop?

Does Ken Lashley just expend all his cover talent on Batwing and have none left over for Superboy? This one's seriously a poorly laid out jumble of a mess.

This issue's art is done by Gui Babli, and in a way it looks like a weird imitation of R.B. Silva's work. There's times where it works, but overall this issue just looks really 'off'.

I want to say I appreciated the reference with "McDuffie High School," but considering how weak this issue was overall, and the series in general, I can't help but feel like it's just a weak attempt at looking clever or deep without trying too hard.

This issue pretty much struck a lot of the bare basic tropes of "first time in High School" and "Superhero in High School." It's blatantly obvious that Conner doesn't fit in at every turn, and based on what I know about the character I'm amazed he didn't just stop caring. Like, it's obvious he doesn't want to be there, and is only there to find the psi-powered person, so why does he keep butting heads with his teachers? Why doesn't he just try to blend into the woodwork or something? Not to mention the plot becomes stupidly obvious very quickly.

And if all that wasn't bad enough, there's a huge glaring mistake early in the issue. The first person Conner meets is a blonde girl who calls herself 'Coop.' Then three girls offer to show him around, at which point a jock comes over and tells Conner that Coop is just trying to make him jealous; but the coop he's referring to is a redhead. And then sat the end of the scene he walks away wit BlondeCoop. EDITORS! STOP REMINDING US THAT THINGS HAPPENED 1 ISSUE AGO AND DO YOUR DAMN JOB! PAY ATTENTION TO CRAP LIKE THIS!

In Conclusion: 2/5

Psi stuff is happening, a weak attempt at playing the whole 'teenage life/superhero' balance for a character so far outside that premise, a glaring flaw, and some weak or lazy writing. It's not outright awful like Nocenti's Catwoman, but it's just.... I barely care.

Posted by bigboi100000

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