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Has Superboy met his match: Psycho and the Teen of Steel continue to track down what they believe are H.I.V.E. psi operatives, with the help of Lois Lane-who Superboy feels a bond to that Psycho isn't revealing. And Kon's double may complicate things even more!

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Who Is Coop? 0

Does Ken Lashley just expend all his cover talent on Batwing and have none left over for Superboy? This one's seriously a poorly laid out jumble of a mess.This issue's art is done by Gui Babli, and in a way it looks like a weird imitation of R.B. Silva's work. There's times where it works, but overall this issue just looks really 'off'.I want to say I appreciated the reference with "McDuffie High School," but considering how weak this issue was overall, and the series in general, I can't help b...

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Urgh 0

Jocelyn Lure attempts to break into Superboy's apartment. Before her very eyes the door handle fades out of existence, further proving her theory that Superboy is somehow altering time with his very existence. Lure kicks down the door but is surprised to find the apartment covered in dust sheets and ponders where he might have vanished to.For some reason, after encountering the H.I.V.E agent previously, Dr. Psycho is confident that another might be hiding out in McDuffie High School. Superboy w...

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